Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthdays - November 2019

In Simmeria Enya can't wait for her newest sibling to be born. She knows it will be a baby and she can't play with it just yet, her mother has told her that more than enough,  but it's still exciting news!

  • As I said before I have no gender preference this time, I wouldn't mind a boy nor would I mind a girl :)
  • Only 3 more updates and round 10 is finished!


  1. Awwwww how sweet, I hope Enya still feels that way once the baby is here and is crying all the time......

  2. Adorable! Enya already has experience being a big sister, so hopefully the new little one won't be too much of a shock to her system!

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Mizzgin03 Older siblings always seem to be looking forward to new babies, but end up not liking them when they are finally here, so I'm wondering kind of the same :)

    Carla Enya does has some experience as a big sister, but the age difference with this one is little bit bigger, so we'll see :)