Thursday, June 23, 2011

SVU - September 2019

SimsVille University
Mario Burrie and Jason Savage are 20, Niels Bleek and Magda Kievits are 19 and Margot and Melissa Mertens are 18
Narrated by Melissa

It's nice to finally be able to tell other that you're at university. Both Margot and I have been counting down to this for a long time. But it's hard work as well, and I've heard it's only getting harder.
Of course it's not all work all the time. Every one has been very nice to us, and has been trying to make is us to feel at home.
Niels has his girlfriend over quite a lot, Tina's a really nice girl, but I don't get the chance to interact with her a lot, since she's always 'disappiearing' with Niels. I've heard though that he's not faithfull to her.
I'm not going to judge them, as long as they both can live with it, it's their problem. At the moment they still seem quite happy with eaht other.
When Tina isn't over, Niels is mostly working out. I have no idea why he ever went to uni, because he doesn't seem to be interested in studying, or graduating for that matter. He gets trhough it though, which seems like a miracle.
Mario and Magda are dating as well, though it seem to me like things aren't going quite as well at the moment. They hardly speak, and when they do talk, it usually ends up in an argument.
To get his minds of this things, Mario goes out to university central a lot, and sometimes I just go along, I like going out and meeting new people. 
One night, after some drinks, I ended up on his lap. Nothing really happend, we just kissed, but seeing he has a girlfriend, even that shouldn't have happend.
He's a good guy though, so he told her and she ended their relationship. She's mostly on her own now, but she doesn't seem to mind.
Eddy, some other guy in our dorm, seems to be looking out for her at the moment, and she seems to be happy with his attention.
There was one awkward moment, when Magda and I were having breakfast together, but she's a really nice girl, and just acter normal, and talked the whole time.
I haven't really talked Mario since our last outing, which might not be a bad thing. It gives me time to work on my paper, which seems to be the only time I can spend with Margot.
Margot's dating one of the other residents in the dorm, Jason Savage. They hit it of at the beginning of this semester, and are inseperable since than.
They do almost everything together, they even study together! Which gives me almost no time with my own sister!
She does seem happy with Jason, so what kind of a sister would I be if I would be mad at het for spending time with her boyfriend instead of with me.

  • So this is Brick Hall, I moved my students here, since PlumbBob Hall kept crashing when I played it for a longer period. I will try it again, because I like it so much, but for now, my students will be living in Brick Hall.
    There will be another dorm on campus one day, when I finally find the inspiration and time to build it :)
  • Margot and Jason, and Mario and Melissa are couples that I had planned when I created them, you can read a little bit more about them here.
    Margot and Jason actually have a 3 bolt attraction, so I was quite happy with them. Melissa and Mario have 2 bolts, which isn't bad either. Mario didn't roll any wants for Magda, and nor did she for him, so I figured it was time for them to break up. He's not with Melissa yet, but that will happen eventually :)
  • This time Niels didn't cheat on Tina, I think the only reason he didn't was because there were no available girls living at their dorm :)
  • They all made it to their next year! Niels just barely, but he did.


  1. I'm glad Margot found somebody, even if it is cutting down on her time with her sister. Looking forward to seeing more of Jason.

    A bit of drama with Melissa/Mario/Magda! The kiss definitely shouldn't have happened but now that it has, it seems like everyone is handling it as best they can. I hope Magda finds somebody better suited to her.

  2. Woah! Everyone's coupled a up in the dorm! I'm sort of glad that I don't have to feel bad for any lonely singles out there...

    Marco is a good guy. I'm glad he was able to tell her. Most guys would've kept it.

    Great update!:)

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla I hope the have Jason in the update a little bit more next time, since it will be the last chance seeing he will be graduation and will become a playable NPC after that.
    I like Jason and Margot together, I think her sister is happy for her, even though it's cutting the time with eachother.

    Magda and Eddy are heading to something beautifull themselfs.
    And you're right that kiss shouldn't have happened, but everybody is handling it quite good at the moment.

    coolkat2 I had the same feeling when Eddy comforted Magda when she broke up with Mario.
    Mario and Melissa aren't official just yet, but I have a feeling that's not going to take them long :)

  4. Brick Hall looks great, very studenty! Can't wait to see more of Jason :)