Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthdays - September 2019

It's a litte bit strange for Ingrid Carette to be the one waiting in the waiting area of the hospital. She and he fiance Claus Lamberts, have an appoitment with Dr. Xiang Mishoen to check up on her pregnancy. It's strange seeing she's normally the one doing the check ups.

She trusts Dr. Mishoen, and is happy that he tries to involve Claus into the conversation as much as possible, seeing Claus is a little bit overwhelmed by it all.
Over in SimsVille, Dr. Mishoen's son, Michael is celebrating his 1st birthday. Tika and Xiang will have their hands full with 2 toddlers, and a 6-year old in the house.

  • I can't tell who Michael Mishoen looks like the most, the one thing I'm sure of is that he has his mother's skintone, but that's it. He's cute though and that's all that matters:)


  1. Haha, I've always wondered how doctors feel when they get sick and have to go see another doctor :). Michael is definitely a cutie!

  2. It must be very strange indeed for Ingrid to be a patient for once! Still, it's such an exciting time for her and Claus.

    Michael is so sweet. I'm not sure who he looks like either!

  3. Yeah, us medical people hate being patients - really weird being on the other side of it. :)

    Michael is cute, that's going to be a busy household!

  4. Micheal is cutie, just like his older brothers! But his parents are sure going to be busy...

    Great update!:)

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting ervery one!

    Mizzgin03 I figured they won't feel comfortable visiting a doctor themselves :)

    Carla She normally does the pregnancy consultations, so it's even more strange for her :)

    I would say Michael looks like his mom, but I might think that because of his skincolor... Maybe he's just a good mix of both parents.

    Blackcat As I said to Carla, I think it's even more strage for Ingrid since she normally does the pregnancy consultations.
    I'm glad I got the feeling right :)

    The Mishoens are definatly going to have their hands full next time.

    coolkat2 It's going to be very busy with 2 toddlers, a child, 2 adults, 2 elders and a dog in the house :)