Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rai 1 - September 2019

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The Rai Family
Ella is 56 and Madeleine is 21
(Frieda Roque, Cole Brems is 28, Elisa de Leeuw is 24 and Fran├žoise Roque)
Narrated by Madeleine
Both mom and I think it would be a good idea if I had a job outside of the shop. The shop is perfectly manageble for mom on her own, and when she does need the help later, I can always quit my job and take over. So I'm searching every day, but so far I haven't had any succes.
I will still help out. I'm pretty good at crafting pots, and that's our main product, so it would be handy if I still did that.
And I still help around the shop, mostlty when mom needs a break from it. I love working in the shop, and pointing people to the things they want and convincing them they should buyour things.
When the shop is closed mom mostly takes some time for herself. For some reason she got it into her mind that she wouldn't mind a new man in het life, and that a make-over is much needed for it. I was surprised when I saw het new haircut, but it looks good.
I don't know where she's going to find that new man she wants, because after the new haircut she hasn't been out. She has been working on new pots, but at the pottery wheel isn't where she's going to find that new man.
Her best friend, Frieda Roque, comes over quite a lot as well. She thinks it's a great idea that mom is planning on putting herself out there again, but she hasn't done much to get mom out of the house.
I, on the other hand, am out quite a lot. I lik being at home, but there's so much to do out there.
It was on one of those nights out that I met Cole Brems. We've been out a couple of times since than, and I have to say I haven't felt this strongly about a guy since Adam.
He's a great guy, and so sweet. When we stay in SimsVille he even walks me home afterwards.
I don't want a guy to come between me and my friends though, so I try to make time for Fran and Elisa, which has been hard since Fran had kids, but we manage.

  • Cole really is the first guy since Adam where Madeleine is attracted to! They have 3 bolts if I remember correctly! I was so happy when I saw this, I was starting to fear she would never find a man!
  • Ella rolled the want to fall in love, but it rolled away before I locked it, so I figured it was something that would be on her mind. She's not very outgoing though, so she might not act up on it quickly.
  • Madeleine found a job in law enforcement, and will be working with the Simmeria Police Force, Ella will be running the shop mostly, but she will be getting some help from her daughter of course :)


  1. I think her daughter is right, she won't find a man in the pottery wheel :)

  2. Ooohh! I'm glad that Madeleine has finally found someone! Fingers crossed that it will turn out well! And good luck in her new job!

    If Ella's going to meet someone, she's just gonnna have to take a break from the pottery wheel. The haircut will definately help her, it's very cute.:)

    Sorry I haven't been commenting or reading! Real life had been getting in the way for the last couple of weeks!

    Great update!:)

  3. Yay for Madeleine! A new job and a new man! I hope she and Cole are very happy together.

    Ella's probably not going about finding a man in the best way but it's a good step for her anyway. Maybe she'll meet someone at her shop? You never know!

  4. Things are going well for Madeleine aren't they! A new man and a new job, I'm a bit envious lol. And I agree with Carla, Ella is taking steps in the direction, sometimes it takes a bit of time to get back in the groove of things :)

  5. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Apple Valley I'm sure she won't, but the make over was a step in the good direction :)

    coolkat2 I'm definatly keeping my fingers crossed for Madeleine, it seems like it took me forever to find her this guy!
    I liked that haircut on Ella a lot, I was kind of tired with the old one!

    No problem, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the blogs I follow myself :)

    Carla It was a very eventfull round for Madeleine! I hope she and Cole are happy too.
    It's a step in the right direction anyway, we'll see what will happen with her next time.
    The shop might indeed be a good place to meet someone new!

    Mizzgin03 Believe me, I'm a bit envious myself, she has found the thing I would love to find myself :)
    Ella isn't very outgoing so this was definatly a huge step for her!