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Zang 1 - October 2019

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The Zang Family
Tao is 65, Yena is 61, Xun is 36, Tosca is 32, Ross is 5 and Mona and Nora are 3
Narrated by Tosca
It's been very busy with 2 toddlers and a 5-year old in the house. It seems like there's always one demanding your attention!
Xun's parents are a great help. Yena is the one who's home. Yena is mostly home during the day, so she's looks after the kids and Tao adores his grandchildren as well.
We try to do as much ourselfs as possible, but it's hard sometimes, though we manage.
Helping Ross with his homework is something I love to do every day.
And I love putting the girls in bed and tucking them in. Sometimes I even check when they are already in their cribs. They look so cute when they sleep.
Xun tries his best as well, but he's even more busy then I am at the moment. I only have my daytime job, but he has the shop and he works extra in repair.
On his day off, he tries to take Ross out, to make the boy feel kind of special, because he always has to share the attention with his sisters.
I don't think Ross was a huge fan of the swimmingpool though. Xun invited his cousin, Lewis, to come along as well, but the 2 boys stayed in the cafeteria most of the time.
Tao Technology is going good. There's a constant ask for robots and other electronic supplies, it's hard for Tao and Xun to keep up with the demand.
Tao is in his workplace a lot, but he's 65 years old, and he needs his time to relax as well, and with Xun's job as a repairman they don't get around to it all.
I had to take some extra time off from work, since Yena gave us all a fright when she got the flu. Since she had to stay away from the kids as much as possible, there was some one needed around the house. Even though Yena stayed in her bedroom as mush as possible, it was hard to keep Ross away from her, he kept going in the room to sit with her.
 She didn't go to work those days, but she kept busy with it. She has been doing research for several years now, something about flowers, and now, after all those years, there was finally a scientific breakthrough, so her collegues kept asking her advice.
She got better though, and demanded that Xun and I took a night to ourselfs. It was the best oppotunity for me to announce that I'm pregnant again. We've been talking about it for some time now, and Xun is happy with the 3 we already have, but I would love at least one more.
He gave in, and is pretty happy with the news.
We are expecting our 4th child in next August, and I'm happy the girls will be in school by than, so the house will a little less busy during the day.
So now the days of morning sickness can begin once more!
I don't know why, since Ross never liked the fact that he has 2 little sisters, but he's kind of excited for this new baby. Maybe he hopes it will be a brother this time.

  • So yet another family who's expecting a child next round!! This brings the total for next round so far at 3, which doesn't seem like a lot. I'm pretty sure that there will be some more pregnancies next round :)
  • I took Tosca off birth control because her ideal family is 7, Xun's 3, but I decided to let them take the decision, and they went for it, I do think 4 is enough fo these 2 though :)
  • I wouldn't mind if this family got another boy, but I'm kind of hoping it will be a girl :)
  • I like this family a lot but I would be happy when the girls start school next round, and it will be a little bit calmer around the house.


  1. That second picture (not including the house shot) is pretty much the cutest thing ever! It really comes through how close these kids are to their grandparents, with Ross sneaking in to his sick grandma!

    LOL, I bet Ross is hoping for a brother! He probably figures he's due for one. ;) Congratulations to Xun and Tosca!

  2. What great news! This family is obviously very close, so cute when Ross sneaked in with his grandma.

    I bet you can't wait for things to calm down, twin toddlers can be very stressful.

  3. Congrats on the new baby on the way :)

  4. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Carla I always love seeing grandparents and their grandchildren, and that one of Tao and Nora is really sweet.
    I agree with you that Ross thinks it's time he gets a brother, but I would be happy if he'd be an older brother with only younger sisters :)

    Driftwood Valley I'm afraid things won't calm down now, with another baby on the way :)

    Apple Valley thank you, I'm looking forward to this little one :)

  5. This family sure seems busy! But it will be even busier once the new baby arrives, I'm sure!

    Wow. Her ideal family size is 7?! Just a question: How do you calculate the ideal family size? Is it a feature of ACR? Thanks.

    Great update!:)

  6. Thank you for reading, and I'm sorry for the lack of replies coolkat2!

    I'm glad the girls will be in school when I play them next time, it will be a little bit easier!

    I don't know if you read back all the way, so I'll post this in my most recent posts as well :)
    Ideal family size is something you can determind with the latest version of ACR.
    I calculate it with Apple Valley's system: