Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthdays - June 2019

Anna is working hard to get trhought her 3rd year of college when she suddenly feels a pain in her belly. She decides to relax a little bit on the bed, and hopes it's over soon.

But it only gets worse, before she realizes she's in labor, and that the baby is ready to see the world.
She calls for Bai, who comes running in to help her downstair in to the waiting cab, to head to the hospital.
A few days later, Anna and Bai are ready to take their newborn son home, and to welcome Alex in their family.
Bai fell in love with Alex the moment he saw him, and is a doting father. He helps out where he can.

  • So it was finally time for Anna! And as always the game didn't gave me what I wanted, a little girl. I happy with Alex though, he has the pale skintone, which is a good thing, since the only other one with it is Michael Mishoen, so we need more :)
  • We'll see more of little Alex, and his big sister Bethany of course, next Christmas.
  • I apparently posted it too soon, I'm not going to take it off now, so enjoy!! :D


  1. Aww, the shot of Anna passing Alex is so cute. It may not be a girl but babies are still lovely.

  2. Aw, welcome Alex! I know you wanted a girl but we can't always get what we want, unfortunately. ;) Alex will be adorable, I'm sure.

  3. Aww, welcome baby Alex, such a cute name,

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of sims, Alex!

  5. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Driftwood Valley You're right babies are always sweet whether they are boys are girls!
    I like that shot as well :)

    Carla My game hardly ever gives me what I want, so I'm getting used to it! I'm sure Alex will be aborable too!

    Apple Valley Thank you! I like the name as well, and it goes well Zang as well :)

    coolkat2 Thank you!

  6. Aww a boy is still sweet, and Alex is a nice name. I hope her college goes well enough with little Alex it tow now, babies are always much more manageable before they are born.

  7. Welcome Alex! I hope Anna can keep up with a newborn and college, so good luck to her.