Saturday, June 18, 2011

Terrano 1 - August 2019

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 28, Stella is 31, Enya is 4 and Sayda is 1
Narrated by Stella

Enya is 4 years old now, and I still can't believe it! It's amazing how time flies! Enya is a joy to have around, though she can be a handfull as well, but I think that's normal for a 4-year old.
Since it's summer holiday, Nio and I both do our best to keep her busy. The beach is one of her favourite place to go, and she begs us almost every to take her there.
Usually one of us caves in, and takes her to the beach. Most of the time Lewis is asked to come along as well. One day we want to be able to take the girls somewhere further than the beach, but that's only a dream at the moment.
When the weather isn't good enought to take Enya to the beach, we mostly go skating, of just stay at home. I'm kind of counting down the days for school to start again, but I think Enya is having a great time!
We thought Enya would be jealous once Sayda turned 1, and started wrawling around the house, and playing with her stuff, but she's actually an amazing big sister, and loves playing with Sayda.
Sayda is at a fun age at the moment, she stills needs you to do things for her, but is becoming more indepentdent. Nio is determined to teach her to walk by the end of the summer, and I think he might be able to do so!
I don't know how, but somehow I got home with the flu. I felt terrible for days.
I tried to keep away from the kids as much as possible, but Enya cauht it anyway. I felt so bad that my little got sick because of me, but she got cured much fast then I did.
I walked around with it a lot longer, at least that was what we were thinking. Because of the flu I didn't see the symptoms, though I had the twice before.
But after paying a visit to the doctor, it was all clear why I have been 'sick' so long, I'm pregnant!! We didn't plan it even though we did nothing to prevent it either.

  • Yay another baby! I've said it before on twitter, but in 2020 there will be a lot of babies born! Stella is due in May 2020 :)
    I have no preference for the gender this time; a girl will be nice, seeing they will have 3 girls, but a boy would be nice as well :) 
  • I felt so sad for Enya when she got sick. Simchildren always look so sick when they have the flu or a cold. I was glad she was cured fast.


  1. I haven't had a sick child in game yet, but I feel for Enya in that shot of her.

    Otherwise though, congratulations to Nio and Stella! I can't wait to see the baby.

  2. Poor Stella, sick and pregnant at the same time. I bet that was a nightmare. It's so hard to keep them happy when they are sick.

    Sim children look like they are in pain when they cough. Good thing Enya got well quickly.

  3. Thanks for reading!

    Driftwood Valley Children look so sad when they are sick
    I can't wait for this baby either :)

    oasisvalley I haven't had much trouble keeping this sim happy when she was sick. Her husband looked after the children and she rested :) but it can be hard sometimes.
    I was happy she got better this quick, she looked really sad!

  4. Oh my gosh, sick and pregnant? That could have been a lethal combination. I'm glad both Enya and Stella got better!

    Three girls is fun, so I'm going to hope Nio and Stella have another girl this time. Looking forward to meeting the new baby!

  5. Carla Thanks for reading and commenting!

    It wasn't that hard actually, for some reason the real sickness mod doesn't work in my game :/ I'm glad they both got better as well.

    I would love 3 girls for this family as well, but I wouldn't mind a boy either, thanks for hoping though :)

  6. Yaaayyy! This family is really cute, I'm pretty excited that their having another baby. I'm rooting for another girl, I don't quite know why.

    I'm glad everyone recovered so quickly! But being sick and pregnant! I do feel bad for Stella.

    Great update!:)