Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthdays - July 2019

Ingrid Carette and Claus Lamberts have finally decided that after 3 years it's time to get engaged. So one day, over lunch, Claus pops the question, and gets a "yes" in return!
The couple has something else to celebrate as well, since they will be welcomming their first child in March 2020. They decided to pospone the wedding until the baby is born.

  • I know it's not really a birthday post,  but I wanted to share the news with you, and since the Lamberts family are one of my playable NPC's there wouldn't be any other post where I would be able to share.
  • It's about time Ingrid started rolling these kind of wants! She's 37 at the moment, if she would have waited much longer to start with children, there would have been a chance she wouldn't be able to have them without help.
  • I'm glad they are going to have a baby! I like Ingrid and Claus, and I like how they look, I have been wondering how their children will look :) I don't have a preference for boy or girl this time, so the game can't give me the opposite this time!
  • I know I really should update my playable NPC page, I will make work of that next round, when I play those families again.


  1. Aw, I'm glad these two are getting married and having a baby! They're both so cute, I'm sure the baby will be gorgeous as well.

    LOL, I need to update my Playable NPC page too! But I'm loading the game to take some pictures for that right now!

  2. These two make a very cute couple. I'm glad their finally getting married!:)

    Can't wait to see their new baby. I'm sure he/she will turn gorgeous just like his/her parents.

    Great update!:)