Monday, June 6, 2011

Mokara 1 - June 2019

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The Mokara Family
Hans is 47, Yin is 46, Melina is 15, David is 7 and Sam is 6
Narrated by Melina

Mom had to quit her job because she was getting too old to keep practicing sports professionally, and she didn't have the ambition to be a coach.
She already found something new to do, photography, but she's still able to be home a lot, which is something the boys really like. She can spend a lot of time with them.
And she's even able to help them with their homework.
Which really improved Sam's grades! He came home screaming with joy one day, expecting all of us to be just as happy! Of course mom went along with it.
Both mom and dad take them to the park a lot, which I don't mind at all, it gives some quiet time at home.
It also gives mom the opportunity to look around for some good scenes, so she can come by again on her own with her camera.
Dad is always quiet this time of the year. The schoolyear is nearing its end, and he has lot of decisions to make, decisions that can make of break someone's future, especially now that he also responsable to approve who's allowed at SVU and who isn't. He does tries to make time for his family.
Since I'm working hard to one day go to SVU, and David and Sam still have plenty of time before making that decision, I usually don't have time to relax and play.
One thing mom and dad insist on having every day, is a family dinner. I don't mind having to eat with my family, I do mind however that I have to interupt my work.
I ussually work late to get everything done, and I hardly ever have time for anything else. I hope it all calms down when summer is here, but I doubt it.
Lately I only talk to my boyfriend and best friend at school or on the phone. We don't meet after school or anything. Both Matthew and Ellie are working hard too, to finish their year succesfully and be able to go to SVU.

  • Melina has the want to go to university, and she rolls the occasional want to learn another skill, since I still find it hard to leave everything up to my simmies, I let her do more than she wants, so she's kind of busy, a little bit too busy for her friends and boydfriend, I'm sure this will change eventually :)
  • I'm putting together a hood council, based on Wellington and Sullivan's, this means that Hans fills the post of Education Representative, he's higher in his career than Marie is, in my mind this means he has the final say of who goes to SVU and who doesn't.
  • The reason Yin had to quit her job is because she didn't reach Assistent Coach before turning 40, so she looked for something else, and now a photograher.


  1. She is busy, reminds me of my high school years and all the students were busy with senior projects (went to a fine arts school) and applying to universities

  2. Melina is so busy but I hope she slows down a little soon and makes some time to have some fun! She's still so young and you really can't get those years back.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the hood council. I haven't done much with mine yet. Oops!

  3. I lnow Melinda really wants to go to college, but she should really learn to balance work and friends. Although, I suppose she has some added pressure, when her dad's the one who decides if she gets in or not.;)

    I can't wait to see how you hood council turns out. Ive decided to do one for Rocky Cove as well. We can experiment together:)

    Great update!

  4. Melina is busy but I'm sure it will all work out for her. She seems very dedicated.