Thursday, June 9, 2011

Education - June 2019

Simmeria High School 
Principal/teacher: Hans Mokara is 47
Students: Morgan Penninkmeijer and Emma Zanobi are 13, Benny Min, Eleanora Roque and Lars Mertens are 14, Melina Mokara and Matthew Zanobi are 15 and Gabriëlle and Laura Penninkmeijer are 17
Narrated by Hans

I don't envy Marie for having as many students as she has. She's lucky she has an extra teacher. I'm not going to say that 9 students are a lot, but it's certainly enough when you're on your own.
It's managable though, but I'm really counting down the days untill the end of the schoolyear so I can get a little bit of peace and quiet.
It's not because she's my daughter but Melina is one of my hard working student, even during the break, I mostly find her in the school's library. 
 Matthew is usually with her, so sometimes I'm wondering if they are studying all the time.
If not, they certainly aren't the only once who use the library for something else than studying! I try to keep an eye on all my students, but that certainly is a hard job when you're on your own!
When I give all of them a task that requires rechearch, I get the feeling that Laura and Gabriëlle don't work too hard. They consider their last year at high school as wasted since they won't be going to university, and will be working where they mostly need their painting or music skills.
Even when it's gym they usually sit aside and watch the others, and don't participate.
Luckily this attitude doesn't affect the others. Everybody really works hard.
Even the ones training outside, keep working hard when I'm helping those who are inside.
Despite their lack of interest they both did well this last year, and graduated. At the end of the year they came to talk to me to hear if it was possible that they would teach here and at the elementary school next year. Laura wants to teach art and Gabriëlle likes music.
I couldn't give them any promisses, but I likes the idea. So I told them I would talk it over with Marie, and give them an answer by the end of the summer.

This didn't make it into the update :)

  • Laura will enter a music-career and Gabriëlle will be entering an art-career. I've been playing with  the idea of letting them teach the art and music classes at the schools, and I think I will be letting them do it. It will be somthing extra, apart from their regular jobs.
  • Next time I play this high school Hans will have 2 substitute teachers! Magda Kievits will be in her 4th year at college, and Melissa Mertens will be in her 3rd year by then. Magda will also be helping out at the elementary school next year. When She graduates I think I will let her work at the elementary school, since that one will have the most students, Melissa will be working at the high school when she graduates.


  1. I love school updates!:) Especially with the teenagers, there's so much going on.

    I wish luck to Gabrielle and Laura in their new jobs.

    Great update!:)

  2. While 9 students in the real world isn't so bad, it's pretty hard to handle with sims! Especially when they're hormonal teens :). I'm sure the subs will be most appreciated!

  3. LOL, yeah, in real life, 9 students is awesome but it's huge in the Sims!

    I can't believe Laura and Gabrielle are growing up soon! Heh, I never worked too hard at "researching" in the library either. That was time for playing around on the internet.

    How cute are Melina and Matthew? Teen romance is always my favourite part of high school updates!

  4. That's a great idea giving them jobs in the school if their not going to university.

    Your sims seem to work hard, my sims get bored really quick and stop working!