Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mishoen 2 - July 2019

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 66, Nuan is 61, Xiang is 36, Tika is 35, Lewis is 6, Joshua is 2 and Michael is 10 months
(Xun Zang is 36, Marie is 28, Sya Gerrit is 27, Fran├žoise Roque is 23, and Ross Zang is 5)
Narrated by Tika
Sya and Marie just moved to a new house, and invited mom, dad, Xiang, me and the kids over to see the place, so we all went to Simmeria.
Sya is really crazy about her nephews, all  of them, and she made sure they had plenty to do, and entertained them quite a bit herself.
Marie is a teacher, so we already know she likes kids, but seeing her with really small ones, and enjoying every moment, is something different.
It makes us all wonder when they will start thinking about kids. We all wonder, but the only one who dares to ask is Lewis, he would love the have someone new in the family, who isn't his brother.
Not that Lewis lacks family, far from actually! He has 5 cousins in total, and I still have a very good contact with my own cousin and his children!
Since it's summer we have been looking for a lot of things to do with Lewis. Both Xiang and I work during the day, most of the time we reserve those activities for the weekend. One of the things he really loves is camping in the garden. Sometimes Xiang's brother, Xun, and his son, Ross, join them.
We don't need to organise these kind of things though, he's just as happy to spend time with either of us.
 The only thing Lewis doesn't like that much is spening time with his brothers, but maybe that's understandable, since there is a small age difference. Micheal is quite capable to entertain himself.
And so is Joshua, but he sometimes needs other living creatures to take care of his entertainment. Sometimes I think he will hurt Babs, but she seems fine after every "cuddle".
And she goes to Joshua all by her self, so I don't think there's anything to worry about.
Mom and dad are a huge help when Xiang and I are both at work.
They both look after Lewis, Joshua and Michael, most of the time, and they don't just do the fun stuff.
I do love to spend time with my boys though, so I try to as much as I can.
As does Xiang of course, and I have to say I just love to see him with my children!
At the salon everything is going fine. Now that mom desided to retire, I had to hire someone to take over her job.
So far everything is going great, and Fran is doing an amazing job. Of course there are some things going wrong, but I just blame it on the nerves.
When dad got the flu, we were all a little bit scared for him. Xiang told him to stick to his bed, but resting just isn't something for dad.
He kept doing the things he always did, but tried to keep away from the kids, and surprisingly he got better.

I love Joshua almost as much as I love his brother, and this picture reminded me so much of Lewis at the same age!
As a reminder, this is Lewis. I'm planning on taking one of Michael as well when he's that age.

  • I have been thinking about letting Tika and Xiang have another baby, but his ideal family is 2, and hers is 1. They had their 3 boys before I discovered this option in ACR, but not I'm going to stick with it. So no more babies for them :)
  • Only 3 more flu-victims and I'm done with ROS for this round :)


  1. Oh, that's your new Twitter avatar! I was going to ask you who that was!

    Anyway, what a sweet family! I love how Lewis just came right out and asked Marie and Sya when they're going to have kids. Yes, girls, when are you going to have kids? We all want to know as well, lol!

    I'm so jealous that you're so close to finishing your flu ROS. I think I have like 7 Sims to go!

  2. Ah yes the new avatar is Joshua Mishoen :) He's a sweetie, kind of like his older brother :D

    I love Lewis for asking too, and for so many other reasons as well :) I think we'll see more about when Maria and Sya will have children when I play them next round :) I can't make any promisses though ;)

    I'm close to finishing my round too, and the flu ROS doesn't end untill the last family :/

  3. Thanks for reading by the way, forgot to type it :)

  4. What a cute family! Lewis and Joshua, and Micheal of course, are just adorable. Even if they're not too close now, I have a feeling that they will be really close when they get older.

    Looks like everyone had a great vacation! I'm glad Marc recovered so quickly. Flu ROS always scares me.

    I'm kind of sad that they don't want anymore kids. They are too cute!<3

    Great update!:)