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Verbon 1 - May 2019

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The Verbon Family
Olaf is 40, Mia is 39, Morgana and Zenzi are 6 and Anthony is 1
Narrated by Olaf
Now that Anthony is a toddler, he's asking more of out attention. Mia is working hard to teach him to walk, so he can get to places on his own.
Thankfully Morgana and Zenzi are a little bit more independent now, and can keep themselfs busy.
And they still have each other to hang out with.
I'm a happy stay at home dad at the moment. I spend most of my time with Anthony of course, but when he takes a nap, it's time for me to relax as well.
At the moment Mia brings in enough money for us to be able to pay the bills, and still live a decent life.
We are both rather relaxed at night, and when the kids are in bed, it's time for just us.
Of course things couldn't continue to go well. One day, when the kids were over at Mia's brother to play, I got a phone call from the hospitall, asking me to come as soon as possible, so I rushed of there.
Dr Mishoen met me there, and told me that Mia had been in an accident when she was walking home after work. She was hit by a car, and brought to the hospital. He said she was in critical condition at the moment, and that they weren't she if she would make it.
She didn't make it ... I sat next to her for hours when she was already dead. I just couldn't believe that she wasn't with me anymore.
I had to go back home eventually. I had to face the girls, but how do you tell 6-year old girls that their mother would never come home again, I just had no idea how to handle it all.
At the dinnertable I tryed to keep the conversation light, I try to be strong for the kids.
But when the kids are in bed I just crack. I still don't know I will manage, and I miss Mia so much!
Mia and I have been together since we teens, and we have been living together since college, not having her around any more is hars.
The kids are my joy at the moment, they are the ones who are getting me through the day, they are my reason for living.
The girls wanted to visit their mother at the cemetery, so I took them. Morgana brought flowers to put on her mother's grave.
It broke my heart to hear them talk to their mother, and tell them everything that had happend since she's gone.
The girls stayed home for a couple of days. Before they went to school I went to talk to their teacher, it was her idea, but I thought it was a good idea.
She even talked to the girls, before dropping them back in their classrooms, which I really appriciated.

Mia Verbon (née Draper)
1980 - 2019
Mia Verbon (née Draper) died at BellaDonna District Hospital after being in a car accident. She was 39 years old.
Mia Draper is the second child of Marie Draper. Her mother died when she was born, and she never knew her father. Mia and her brother were raised by their grandparents, Eve and Jonas Draper.
At 15 she met Olaf, the boy who would one day be her husband. They went to college together, and rented a house there together.
Not long after college they got married.
When she was 30, Mia gave birth to twin girls, Morgana and Zenzi Verbon.
Mia rolled right into motherhood, and tried to spend as much time with her girls as possible.
Five years after the birth of their twins, Mia and Olaf welcomed their little boy Anthony in their family.
When walking home from work one day, Mia was hit by a car and brought to the hospital in critical condition, where she later died of her injuries.

Mia leaves behind her brother Jason (41), husband Olaf (40), daughters Morgana and Zenzi (6) and son Anthony (1)

This picture almost made me cry when I was playing them. Morgana and Zenzi were talking with their dad, and all of a sudden Morgana, the sturdy one of the girls, started crying!
This one is kind of creepy. I took this one at the beginning of their session, when Mia was still alive. It's like Morgana saw it all comming.

  • Well, here it is, my very first dead ROS, the one I have been dreading to play and write. I don't think I did a good job writing it, jumped from one thing to another, but I really didn't feel like writing it again.
  • With Mia's dead, Olaf will need to look for a job to support his family. I thought I'd give him some time before having him look for one though.
  • With this dead ROS done, and the pregnant one already passed, there are only the flu-ones comming by this round.


  1. Awww... I hate the death ROS... But I guess that's life though.:(
    I wish Olaf luck in raising his family on his own. It will be very hard, I know.
    Btw I love your sims' names! They are all so original. Where do you get them?
    Great update!:)

  2. I hate death ROSs, I have three this round and have been dreading starting them :\ It's so sad that she died especially when everything was going so well.

  3. Oh man, death ROSs are the worst! It's so hard to watch the Sims sobbing inconsolably for days afterwards. And when it's the mother of three younger doesn't really get much more heartbreaking than that, does it?

    This family is in for some huge changes now, what with their mother gone and with Olaf having to find a job to pay the bills now. I guess the kids will need a babysitter, which they've probably not had before.

    This poor family! :(

  4. What terrible news! A single parent with three young children. Their whole world has been turned upside down now, especially as everything was near perfect for the family.

  5. I haven't rolled a death ROS yet, but I'm dreading it! It's hard to part with characters you grow attached to! I hope this family will be okay, it seems there are some big changes on the horizon for them :/

  6. Thanks for reading everyone!

    coolkat2 I'm not a huge fan is the death ROS myself, but it's like you said, it's part of life.
    I think Olaf can use all the luck he can get, but I'm sure he'll manage!
    About my names, Olaf was a townie, so I didn't name him, Mia is a - I think - Dutch name, I don't remember where I got Morgana, I just though of it when she was born, Zenzi is someone I know in real life, I have no idea what it means, and Anthony is about the same story as Morgana :)
    Some of my names my sound strange or original, but I speak Dutch, and most of the time they are normal where I live, and sound strange somewhere else :)

    Apple Valley Wow 3!! I don't think I would be able to handle this many! I have another one comming next round though :(

    Carla Moranga really broke my heart, but it's hard on everyone. And you're right it doesn't get much more heartbreaking than that!
    They had a nanny before Olaf lost his job, but it will be different this time! I hope Olaf finds a job where he still has time to spend with his children, they will all need it!

    Driftwood Valley They were really happy these last couple of months, it will be hard on them, but I'm sure they will be able to cope.

    mizzgin03 This round is the first one I play with ROS, and I already have a death ROS, and another one comming next round! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed you don't get one soon!
    I think they will need to settle into a new routine, but knowing Olaf, they will be OK once they've done that.

  7. ROS always seems to strike the sims that we like most. All of mine have been with sims whose futures I have nicely planned out.

    The picture of the girls by the grave is so sad. :(