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Terrano - January 2022

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 31, Stella is 34, Enya is 7, Sayda is 4 and Wylco is 2
(Gunnar Roque is 61, Tina Mishoen is 21, Bailey Ooms is 4 and Zoey Mishoen is 9 months)
Narrated by Nio

Lately I have been thinking about my career. I'm not that young any more and I can't keep dancing forever. I've been looking around and I think I would love to be a teacher, the only downside is that I'll have to get a degree and that that costs money, but Stella agreed to it.
For now I keep dancing, which is great since I work nights and Stella works days, so we don't have to get a nanny or anything like that. I can spend my days with Wylco.
It's nice being at home during the day. On her day off I invite Tina over to come by, this way I can see my little niece as well. Even though Zoey wasn't planned, and that Niels is out of the picture, Tina is doing a great job with Zoey.
When both Wylco and Zoey are down for their afternoonnap we have plenty of time to catch up. Even though there's an age difference Tina and I have always gotten along pretty well. She wasn't too happy when I moved out year ago, but we've gotten over that now.
The major downside to being at home during the day, is that I have to go to work late. Having to go to work isn't the major issue here, it's that fact that I get home way after the girls' bedtime, and I don't get to see them anymore.
When I'm at work, it's just Stella and the kids at home, and she does like to spend time with her girls, and Wylco, but she keeps telling me she hardly can't wait for me to get a daytime job as well, so we will all be able to spend the evenings together.
The fact that I get home after bedtime does give me the oppotunity to work on my articles I need to write in order to get my degree. I don't know how I will be able to get some actual teachtingtime in at the end of the course, but we'll how we'll going to handle that when it's needed.
I really want that degree, I don't see myself working in a factory or a convinience store when I retire from dancing. So I'll just have to cope with hardly any familytime and going to bed at 2am for the time being.
On top of the careerchangindecisions I've made recently, I've also came in contact with my real father. Mom already warned he might want contact since his wife died last summer. I wanted to meet him, but I didn't want to go to his place and I didn't want him at my place. He was never there for me, I don't want my kids to get their hopes up, so we met at a bar in Simmeria.
I never thought I would say this, but I had a nice time. I don't approve of him not looking out for his kid, but he really made an effort getting to know me better, and made sure I got to know him as well.
It was a nice night, and to be honest I hope to be able to do this some more. I'm not ready to meet his family yet, nor do I want him to meet my children at the moment, but I do like to spend some more time with him.
Enya is now in grade 2, and she has started to take more interest in studying. We've bought the girls a toyoven for Christmas, and she has been trying to make cakes ever since. I'm glad she loves it so much.
She's on the computer a lot too, researching things they've seen at school to get to know more about it. It's nice to see that she's taking her education seriously.
I think Sayda is too young to take an interest in learning. She's much more interested in playing and having fun than she is in school.
Her having fun isn't always that convinient for us though. It has been snowing a lot lately so she hasn't been able to jump her rope outside. She doesn't mind that much, and just jumps in the kitchen, which really isn't handy when you're trying to prepare dinner.
The girls both love sport, and being outside, they have been asking us to go iceskating. Enya has been wanting to do some sport after school and Sayda usually follows her sister when it comes to these kind of things.
Stella and I agreed that they were allow to, and to encourage them to work for school, they can do it as long as they keep their grades up.
One of us always has to go with them, and has to watch them. We just have to sit on the side and watch the girls skate. I'm sure it will be a lot more pleasant when it's not so cold anymore. Fortunatly there are always other parents watching their kids as well, so you're not alone.
Before school started this year, we've made sure she already knew some of the kids from her class. She's outgoing enought, but it's always nice to start something new when you already know some one.
She was really excited to start school, and was the first on the bus. It was nice to see, even though I keep feeling that time is going by too fast.
Her first days at school seemed to have been really exhausting, Stella said she needed a nap every day.
The first week of school this year wasn't too long. It kept snowing really hard, and the school decided to give the kids the last day off. Sayda wasn't too impressed by it, she got up at her usual hour and refused to get out off her pj's.
Enya on the other hand can appriciate a day off, even if she just had 2 weeks off. She slept pretty late, and even than she told me, she would have slept longer if I haven't woken her up.
The whole purpose to get the day off, is to enjoy the snow which our girls of course did. They spend the entire afternoon outside, building snowmen, having snowball fights, ...
Later that night we had to fire the fireplace because they were so cold from spending the day outside. We don't do that often but it comes in hany on really cold days.

  • I thought it was time for Gunnar and Nio to finally build up some relationship. Both of them do fine without knowing the other, but it just seemed time. It seemed logical that Gunnar wouldn't want contact with Nio when Frieda was still alive, he didn't want his affair to come out. Nio and Gunnar do get along pretty well, so I see them meeting a little bit more in the future.
  • Nio is 31 now and he has to quit his job when he's 40, so I needed to find him another job. I used Sullivan and Apple Valley's system, and he seemed to fit in perfectly for education, which is fine by me since I'm in desperate need for teachers. The downside to this thing is that Nio doesn't have a college degree and he needs one to become a teacher, so he's working really hard now to get one!


  1. I don't know if you posed that skipping rope picture or not but I love it! It really looks like poor Stella has her leg tangled in the rope!

    That's a great idea for Nio to enter into teaching and I'm glad Stella was open to it. It'll be a good steady income for the family and depending on whether he decides to teach elementary or high school, he might get the chance to keep an eye on his daughters at school. ;)

    Good to see Gunnar and Nio taking steps towards building a relationship too. If it keeps going well, then maybe they can consider having their families meet too but I understand why they would both want to tread carefully there.

    1. I hadn't seen that picture that way, but now that you mention it, it kind of does :)

      At the moment their hours are great; Nio is at home untill 3pm, when Stella gets home. So it's great for Wylco, but in a few year he will be going to school as well, and Nio will have to stop his dancecareer, so this will be great again as well :)

      We'll see what happens with Gunnar and Nio, but I just thought it was time for them to meet.

      Thanks for reading!