Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthdays - January 2022

We start this round with some birthdays. First we have Jill Forman who is celebrating her 1st birthday this January.

Also celebrating their first birthday are Catheine and Dirk's twins, Elisabeth Penninkmeijer ...
and Margaret Penninkmeijer.
Michael Mishoen is turning 4 this year, and will be going to SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School.
Joining him at school will be Sayda Terrano ...
Anthony Verbon ...
And Bailey Ooms.
There is only 1 student leaving SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School, and that is Camden Wagtmans. Camden is really excited to start High School and is also working really hard to go to university.
Even though Camden is the only one leaving elementary school this year, he won't be starting High school alone. Joining him is  newcommer Malcolm Landgraab, who recently moved to DimSimTown with his parents.
Melina Mokara is done with high school and finally attending SimsVille University. She's know she wanted to work in Natural Science for quite some time and so she's majoring in biology.
Matthew Zanobi is also attending SVU this year, and even though he loves music, he never saw it as a careeropportunity, he sees more in sports. He's majoring in sports, but to have something when that doesn't work out he's minoring in biology.
Magda Kievits is done with university, and is ready to start working as a teacher. She's already hired at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School, and is very excited to start.

The Landgraabs finally moved to DimSimTown! This had been the plan ever since I build Landgraab Archicts, they've been in the bin since then. So this are Max and Hélène Landgraad. Max is an architect and owner of Landgraab Architects, and Hélène is a fasihion desinger and owner of several H&M's.

I don't know how things will be going between Melina and Matthew, but once they both moved in to their dorm, they headede straight to the hot tub to have some fun :)

  • As you can see, the babyboom is already heading to school! 4 new students this year, and 3 more next year, and only 1 student is heading to high school, and 2 next year! I hope to have at least 1 teacher extra by the time they're all heading to high school! 2 would be even better!
  • I'm glad with all my new 4-year olds, they all look so cute!
  • Margeret Penninkmeijer looks like her mother, at least I think she does. Both girls sure have her nose, but Elisabeth is a better mix of both her parents than Margaret is.
  • I love Melina! She was always a pretty sim, but now I like her even better! I really can't wait to see her children!
  • I'm also happy to inform you all that it seems like I've stopped my game from crashing! I tried this, and it seemed like it done the trick, at least for now. I'm pretty happy with my game a the moment and I hope it keeps working like it does at the moment.


  1. Glad the crashing stopped and congrats on the birthdays

    1. You and me both! I didn't know the game didn't reconise more than 2GB of RAM, this might have been the problem all along!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. What a bunch of cuties, especially Elisabeth and Sayda! Your Malcolm Landgraab is much better looking that EA's version. ;)

    I can't wait to see Magda out in the real world and Melina and Matthew at college. :)

    1. Elisabeth is one of my favourites this birthdaybash as well :)
      I think my Max Landgraab is a clone of the original one, and that I had him and Hélène have a cas baby, which resulted in Malcolm :)

      Normally you'll only get to see Magda in elementary school updates, but Melina and Matthew we'll see next September :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I used that same fix last year when my game kept crashing, haven't had a problem since so I hope you have the same luck. So many cute kids, school should be quite interesting with the new additions.

    1. No crashes so far, and I've tryed everything that made my game crash before, so I'm quite pleased with my game at the moment :)

      There are some new cute kids in school this year, I can't wait to play them all :)

      Thanks for reading!