Monday, May 7, 2012

Draper - February 2022

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The Draper Family
Jason and Ada are 44 and Lucas is 8
Narrated by Jason

Some time ago I officially opened 'Cup Of Cake', and it was a succes! Especially the cakes are going well. I used to have quite a lot of free time, but since the cakes are such a succes, I'm now spending every free minute baking.
I'm not going to say the place is always packed with customers, but it does bring in some money, wich is always nice.
To blow off some steam I go out a lot after the place closes or when I'm done working in the restaurant.
I've met some interesting people this way, like Kate Sentra. We've been going out for some time now, and I really like her.
One thing led to another, and soon I've found myself in a hotel having fun.
I'm pretty sure Ada suspects something, and I'm also sure that she hates it that I come home when she had to get up, but so far she hasn't said anything about it.
We haven't really talked in months, and have been living next to each other. I'm never home when she is, and whenever I'm at home she's at work.
The thing I hate the most about it all, is that I hardly get to see Lucas. It's always Ada who helps him with his homework, and spends some time with him, wich is logical since I'm not at home when they are, but I still don't like it.
Sometimes I wait before going to bed when I get home, because I know he will get up soon, that way I can still spend some time with him.
One day after work I went straigh home, and Ada was still up, she was waiting for me since we really needed to talk. It's not working between us anymore. We're both sure we love eachother, but living next to each other, and not talking in months isn't how a relationship is supposed to be. We both have our jobs, and I have the cafe as well, and we both understand eachother but we decided it would be better to break up.
I'm the one moving out, I get to keep the cafe and Ada gets to keep the house. We agreed that Lucas will be living with Ada, and will come to me 3 days a week. I wanted to tell Lucas myself I was moving out. It's not that I like doing that, but I felt I needed to do this myself.
He's a great kid, and even though he's not happy with the situation, he he hugged me and said he was going to miss me.
Later that same week I moved out. I found an apartment down the street with 2 bedrooms and a nice playground for Lucas when he comes to visit.
Whenever Lucas is around I try to spend all my time with him. He loves the playground and is spending all his time outside.
And even though he's 8 already, he still loves it when I push him on the swins, and to be honest I still love doing that.
He also loves his room. He went with me to pick out stuff for it, and decorated his room himself.
I'm really glad he loves spending time at my place.
I hate it when he has to go, but it's for the best that his main adress is with Ada, her working hours are much better than mine. It does get lonely when he's not here though.
But I always find something to do, things I don't do when Lucas is around.

  • I know I said I was going to keep Ada and Jason together, but it was getting boring - I know it's not fair to break them up because they are boring but it's part of the reason. I've debated with myself for days before make the decision, and I'm still not 100% sure about it.
  • Ada and Jason never had any chemistry between them, untill I broke them up, and all of a sudden the have 3 bolts!! They didn't roll any wants anymore for eacht other, and even though they did some automous things, it wasn't much. It fits Jason much more to break up when he reaches this point in a relationship.
  • Another reason I broke them up is because they both found others with whom they have a higher chemistry. I first wanted to move Jason in with one of his girlfriends, but I didn't want to add more sims to my game, at least not at the moment, it may happen some day though.
  • I like how Cup Of Cake looks, but it's hard to play it. I had an idea in my mind for it, but it's not possible to execute. So I'm just letting Jason server several cakes, and add some money to his account depending on how many sims visited that day.
  • I'm planning on playing Ada and Lucas again later this round, to see how they are doing


  1. I hate breaking sims up, but sometimes things just happen just like in real life. A married couple who never really talks and are totally okay with that probably do need to split up. I'm glad Lucas wasn't too hurt by his parents breaking up.

    1. Both Jason and Ada had their own lifes, and before breaking them up they didn't have any chemistry, so I thought it was for the best.

      Jason used to work when Lucas was at home, so it's sad to say that Lucas is probably used to his dad not being at home. He now goes over to his dad on his days off, so they can spend some time together.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Yeah, I hate breaking Sims up too, especially when there's a kid involved. It killed me to break Susannah and Sam up but it just wasn't working between them, just like it wasn't working with Jason and Ada. They obviously want different things now, so hopefully they can keep things civil for Lucas's sake.

    1. I might not have done this when it was about another couple, but Jason is a romance sim so this suited him more. And they really were living their own lives withou seeing one anohter.

      Ada and Jason are still friends, so I'm pretty sure things will be civil between them.

      Thanks for reading!