Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthdays - March 2022

Owen loves playing with his cousin, Brian, so their parents try to get them together as much as possible so they can spend time together.

Getting the kids together is always a nice way for the adults to get together as well. Soon enough there will be another addition to the family, and traveling between SimsVille and Simmeria will be a little bit harder then.
Though that won't be an excuse for the family to meet. Everybody is very excited about this new addition, and they can't wait to meet this little one. Even Kürt is always rubbing Annie's belly and talking to it.
Both Annie and Abby like the fact that their boys are only 1 month apart, and both believe it would have been nice for all of their children to be this close, but Abby and Reinout aren't ready for another child just yet.
Over in Simmeria Ingrid Lambert's time has come, and so she and Claus leave Oscar with a babysitter and head to the hospital. It seems like the guy at the reception is more interested in talking than he is in checking in Ingrid, which is something Claus isn't too happy about.
Ingrid loves her job, and is a little bit frustrated that she has to give it out of her hands, but she does trust Dr. Mishoen.
Though when the time is finally there, she's happy thar Dr. Mishoen is aroud, since Claus isn't much of a help, even though he has gone through it all once before.
They always say that it all goes faster the second time around, and now Ingird has the proof of it, because not long after she went in to labor she holds her new born babygirl in her arms.
She's even more happy when she's allowed to leave the hospital a few days later and take litte Vera Lambers home with her.
We also have 1 birthday this month. Felix Gerrits finally celebrates his 1st birtday. Even though the boy's hair- and eyecolor are from his biological dad, he kind of looks like his mother.

  • Only 3 more simmonths untill Annie and Eric have their second child! And not long after that, in the January birthdays, Brian and Owen will turn 4. I'm really excited about both things!
  • Yay! A girl for Ingrid and Claus! Since my game gave me boy last time there was a baby born, I kept thinking this one would be a boy as well, but I'm pretty happy with Vera, since I was hoping they would have a girl. Now I'm hoping Ingrid and Clays aren't going to wait too long before having another one! And yes I know it's kind of cruel to hope they have another one soon, when Ingrid just gave birth to Vera!
  • I like Felix a lot, his eyes and haircolor are definatly Marcus's, but I gave him the brown hair with the reddish look, since his mother has read hair.


  1. Aw, yay! I'm glad Ingrid and Claus had a girl, just like you were hoping for. I'm sure she'll be very pretty.

    Felix is just gorgeous!

    1. If Vera looks anything like her older brother, I don't think there will be a problem, he really is a cute kid :)

      I like Felix a lot myself too.

      Thanks for reading!