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Roque - July 2021

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The Roque Family
Gunnar is 60, Frieda is 58, Yuan is 31, Françoise is 26, Eleanora is 16, George is 6 and Charles is 4
(Ella Rai is 58 and Benny Min is 16)
Narrated by Fran

George has been asking for a dog ever since he can talk, and now that Charles is 4, and is starting to ask for one as well, both Yuan and I thought it would be nice to let them have one. So at the beginning of the summer holiday Yuan took George and Charles to the Animal Paradise to pick out a dog.
I'm sure they had a great time picking out everything a dog needs. Yuan told me Charles never left his side, and wanted a say in everything they picked out.
I though they would choose puppy, or a at least a small dog, but they brought home a pretty big one. Just leave it up to boys to pick out a dog to fit in a house.
 Fortunatly our house is big enough to fit in 3 dogs if we wanted to. And Boy is such a nice dog. He won over everybody immidiatly.
Living by the beach is really nice, especially when the kids had summer vacation, and the weather is great. They spend entire afternoons building sandcastles, and holding competitions with their granddad.
I don't know how they can do it, but even when it's very hot outside, they play cops and robbers, and run after each other, and it doesn't seem to bother them at all!
The beach isn't just fun for the kids. Mom and dad always have a great time building sandcastles themslefs, even when the kids aren't around. I love seeing them act like little children when they think no one is watching.
One of the best things on the beach, is the hammock, I can easly spend the entire day in their, without noticing anything else.
Mom's friend, Ella, comes over quite a lot as well, she has a pool in her backyard, but she keeps telling us that nothing can top the beach.
The boyd never have any trouble entertaining themselfs. With 4 grandparents enjoying buying them toys, there never is any lack of thing to do around here.
And when they get bored of their toys, there always is their granddad and his drum, who loves playing tunes just to entertain the his grandsons.
Even thought the weather has been amazing, and we hardly had any rain, Ellie still spends most of her time in front of the computer. She's very eager to go to college, and is studying all the time, even during her vacation.
Thankfully she has Benny to take her away from the computer once in a while, although he's as eager as her to go to college, and is studying just as hard.
She does go out sometimes. There are some other kids from her school who are practically the same age she is, and they go to the IT-bar at times. She's not allowed to go to Simmeria, so she's bound to find alternatives in SimsVille.
I'm still very happy with Yuan. I was always afraid that I would loose interest after some time, but I can't imagine being with anybody else.
I'm pretty happy with my family just as it is at the moment. We've been talking about having another child. And even though we would be happy to have a daughter, we feel like our family is complete.
Then one night, everything suddenly changed. It all started out so good; Yuan and I took the boys out for dinner, they love doing such things, when all of a sudden I got phonecall from dad, asking me to come to the hospital because mom was taken there because she suddenly started feeling really bad.
Yuan took the boys home, and I rushed to Simmeria to find out what was going on. When entering I could see, that things weren't good at all.
There wasn't any new yet, so we sat there, waiting. I don't know how long we've been waiting, it seemed like hours.
Then Dr. Mishoen came to bring us the bad news, that mom had died. Apparently mom had been having stomach ache for some time, and when she was brought in it appeared that her intestine was pierced.
She never told us anything, and she never went to see a doctor, she just thought it would pass. By the time she arrived at the hospital, it was too late.
I was glad to have Yuan waiting for me at home, and be there for me when I needed him.
 And Benny came by the next day to see how Ellie was doing.
I felt so bad for dad, all of a sudden he was all alone, and there was nobody waiting for him when he got home after saying goodbye to his wife.
 Fortunatly Ella came by a lot.
I could see Ella's visits really helped dad a lot.
Telling George and Charles about their grandma was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to to. I'm still wondering if they got everything I told them.
But when Charles hugged me, I  was to touched.

Frieda Roque (née Dekkers)
1963 - 2021
Frieda Roque (née Dekkers) died at the BellaDonna District Hospital, after being sick for some time, without noticing it.
Frieda met her husband, Gunnar Roque, when she was still in college. After their studies they decided on moving to SimsVille.
Soon after they found out theyr were expecting their first child, Gunnar proposed to Frieda when they ware on a holiday at the Ardens. They gor married there as well.
Soon their family was joined by dauther Françoise.
10 Years later they added to their family with Eleanora.
After Eleanor was born, Frieda decided to become a stay-at-home mom, and when the children were bigger she started writing, her books 'The Adventures of Franell' were a big hit.
When needed she kept helping out in at 'Roque's'. And best friend Ella, was always there to support her.
When daughter Françoise got pregnant at 19, she wasn't too happy.
But meeting her first grandson, George, melted her heart. She took care of him when his parents were at work.
And later, when Charles was added, she kept taking care of them, and loved being a grandmother.

Frieda was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach ache. After some test they found out her intestine was pierced, but that they were too late. She died at the BellaDonna District Hospital from her illness.

Frieda leaves behind husband, Gunnar (60), daughters Françoise (26) and Eleanora (16), and grandsons George (6) and Charles (4).

  • So this was the last ROS of this round, and I was really dreading playing this family. When I finally did, I kept coming up with excuses not to kill Frieda, like I still needed for another picture of her or something. I did had to kill her in the end though.
  • The situation of the pierced intestine was actually inspired by something in real life. It happend to the mother of one of my collegues, but she went to the hospital in time, they said they were just in time, because otherwise she would have died. I couldn't think of an illness that Frieda mught have in the middle of the summer, so I took this situation for her.
  • I've already rolled my ROS for next round, and I have to say I did roll a death-ROS, but I gave myself a pass this time. I've started ROS in round 9, and I've already had 2 death ones, so 3 would have been a little bit too much.
  • Both Ellie and Benny will go to SVU, but they will go the year after Matthew and Melina.


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    1. I really can't believe it either, and I had time to get used to the idea since I rolled the ROS :(

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh no, I can't believe Frieda is gone! Her poor family...I'm glad she was able to live a rich, full life before she died though. That's one thing to be thankful for. I'm glad you gave yourself a pass on the death ROSs for next time. I would too!

    In happier news though, Ellie and Benny are such a sweet couple. I have my fingers cross they stay together.

    1. I've been trying to get used to the idea of this family without Frieda ever since I rolled the ROS, but I still can't imagine it. She really had a rich, full life, but I would have loved for her to live longer :(
      As much as I love ROS, and the reallity it adds to the game, I don't think I could have handled to have to do another one!

      I like Ellie and Benny as well, but in 2 years they will go to college, and a lot can happen there, so we'll see :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. How sad. I hate when ROS kills off my sims, it always ruins the plans that I have for them. Like you I also find reasons to put it off. I like the twist that you added with the pierced intestines.

    1. I hate death ROS too. Especially since this is only my second round with ROS, and it's already the second time I have death ROS!

      Thanks for reading!