Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birthday - February 2022

Eddy Sels and Magda Kievits have been together for some time now, and Eddy thought is was finally time to pop the questoin.

He and Magda have been talking it about this before so there was no doubt what her answer would be, still it was a relieve to hear her say yes!
Catherine has just entered her second trimester. Some weeks ago she and Dirk gotten the news that they were expecting twins again, and they need to go to the hospital for more frequent check ups.
Dr. Mishoen assures them that everything is fine with both babies, and that they are growing as they should be.
Dirk and Catherine still need some time to adjust to the idea that they are yet again expecting twins. After every visit to Dr. Mishoen they take some time to talk everyhing over.
Another set of twins sure wasn't what they expected when they desided to go for another child, and even though they are looking forward to meeting these 2 new babies, they are kind of scared of how they are going to handle this.
But they're sure they can figure it out, after all her parents have done it before, and they still live with her parents so there's always help when they need it.
After moving and getting adjusted to a new obstetrician, Albert Ooms finds himself in yet again another situation when he needs to get adjusted to someone new.
He doesn't have time to think about it too long, since his wife soon is in labor.
 After several hours of labor. Harriët is finally able hold her newborn son; Kevin Ooms.
Big sister Bailey is glad to finally welcome her little brother, and to be a big sister!

  • Eddy and Magda had the want to get engaged for quite some time now, but I had them wait, and wait, and wait .... anyway I finally thought it was time for them to get engaged. Their wedding is planned for June 2023. You'll see pictures of the wedding in the June 2023 birthdaypost.
  • So another set of twins for Catherine and Dirk, I really can't believe it myself, so I kind of know how they must be feeling! I don't know why but so far they seem to be the only ones to get natural twins. I'm glad they live with her parents, I don't know how they would have handled this situation otherwise.
  • I'm glad Harriët and Albert had a boy, but it seems like my game is giving me more boys again, the last 2 babies last round were Brent de Leeuw and Marcus Zang, and this round starts with Kevin Ooms. I already have way more males than females, so I hope my game starts giving me some girls!
  • Kevin Ooms looks a lot like his sister so far, brown eyes and brown hair, as ussual I can't wait to see him grow up :)


  1. Replies
    1. I was kind of upset when I saw they were having another set of twins, but I'm sure they'll manage somehow :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Eddy and Magda engaged! Aw, I wasn't expecting that but I'm excited to see that wedding!

    And geez, two sets of twins for Catherine and Dirk! Do you use that fertility benefit?

    1. Eddy and Magda have been together for quite some time, so it was a natural step for them.

      Neither Catherine or Dirk has the fertility benefit, they're not familysims ... So I really don't know how they always end up with twins every time!
      After this I'm going to make sure they can't have children anymore, I don't think I could handle another set of twins!

      Thanks for reading!