Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthdays - June 2022

Mariëtte Alenis and Adam Snijders are finally married. They have been dating for a year and a half when Adam proposed to Mariëtte 2 years ago. And now they are married. They had a simple ceremony with Mariëtte's daughter, Bethany, and bridesmaid.

Johanna Penninkmeijer just entered her 2nd trimester, and she can hardly wait. She's spending a lot of time with cousin and best friend Anna and her boys; Alex and Carl.
Anna seems to be as excited about this baby as Jo is. But that might be because she really wants a third child herself.

It's that time again for Annie Tora, she's in labor. Event hough she knew what was going to happen, it still is different.
After some hours of pain, she can finally hold her newborn daughter in her arms.
The family was asked to wait untill they were back home to visit and welcome Claire in to the family.

  • I know Mariëtte and Adam are playables, but they don't have any family or really close friends to invite to their wedding, so I decided to post their wedding here. Mariëtte is now Mariëtte Snijder, which means the Alenis family is now the Snijders family. Bethany is still Bethany Alenis, and I think she will always be.
  • I have been thinking about making the Snijders family one of my playable NPC's, but I'm still not sure, so for now they continue to be a playable family.
  • Anna really wants another child! She rolled that want a while ago and I have it locked since then. Her IFS is 6, and I would love to see another child from the 2 of them. They're not allowed birth control, and to my surprise there weren't any accidents anymore! But who knows what's going to happen :)
  • I'm really looking forward to Jack and Jo's baby. I would like them to have girl, because I don't see them with a boy for some reason.
  • I was surprised that Annie and Erik had a girl, I really was expecting a boy! Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad they had Claire, it's just not what I was expecting :)


  1. Don't you just love the surprises our Sims sometimes have in store for us? :-)
    In my game, an "accident" has never happened; I know there is a small chance of a Sim-lady getting pregnant from just normal whoohoo, but I've never had it happening in my game.

    1. I love those little surpises, at least most of the time :)
      I've never had surprises before installing ACR, and was really hesistant to install it, but right now I'm really glad I did, it gives my game that little bit extra :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I was expecting a boy for Annie and Erik too. I don't know why but I'm guessing a boy for Jack and Jo too. But Annie looks besotted with Claire and I'm sure they'll be a very happy family together.

    Congratulations to Mariette and Adam on tying the knot! Wonder if they'll have their own baby soon.

    1. I think it's my game, that is giving us these ideas :) last time I wanted girls, all I got were boys, so I'm expecting the same again :)

      I'm really glad Annie and Erik had a girl :)
      I really, really, really hope Jack and Jo get a girl! I would love them with a girl!

      I kind of want the to, but I already have some new babies this round, I think about the same number as last round, so I think I'll keep them on birth control another round. They haven't rolled the want just yet ...

      Thanks for reading!