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Wagtmans - March 2022

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The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 53, Mairi is 52, Camden is 12 and Collin is 11
(Elisa de Leeuw is 27, Malcolm Landgraab is 12, Julian Zanobi is 11 and Brent de Leeuw is 5 months old)
 Narrated by Harry
Camden is 12 now is attening Simmeria High School. Since high school finishes sooner than elementary school he's free a large part of the afternoon. We allow him to go to the arcarde of the park after school with his classmates, because it's not that far.
There's a new kid in his class, Malcolm Landgraab, and Camden ussually hangs out with him. We hardly ever see him at home in the afternoon, even on rainy days he stays out as long as he can.
Since both Mairi nor I really want our kids to hang out outside, or god knows where, all the time, she got Camden a job at the Architec office where she's working. I don't know if he likes it that much, since he already said that he doesn't want to be an architect, but this way he earn something extra.
One of the major plus sides to the job for Camden, is that his friend, Malcolm, work there as well. Malcolm dad's owns the place, and he thought it was a good idea from Mairi to let the kids work there, and immidiatly wanted his son there as well.
Even though Camden doesn't want to be an architect, he uses Mairi's sketchingtable when she's not working on it, and he seems to have fun with it. He keeps telling us it's never a bad thing when you know a lot.
Despite him hanging out with his friends quite a lot and having to work a few hours every day, Camden still works hard to keep his grades up. He really wants to go to SVU, and is doing everything he can to get in with a very high score.
Ever since Camden startedhigh school, I have the feeling that Collin is a little bit lonely. The boys are so close in age, and they used to do everything together, but elementary and high school seem to be very different worlds in the minds of kids these days.
Collin is outgoing enough though, and he makes friends really easy. I don't know if they all like his wild games, but they keep coming by.
Recentely Collin is more interested in school. It took him some time, but he finally sees that wokring hard is worth it.
I think he wants to do just as good as his brother when he starts high school. And seeing we also want hiim to get a job, he now realises that the fact that school is out sooner doesn't mean he has more time to hang around, or study.
Mairi is still a hard worker, sometimes I tease her and say she's a work-a-holic, which is something she doesn't like, but I really think she is one at times. She works late at least 3 nights a week.
And even when she's home, after work or on her day off, she keeps working.
If it's not sketching, she's on the computer doing god knows what.
She does make time to visit Elisa in SimsVille. Elisa recently had a baby, and Brent is a really cute kid.
Mairi likes spending time with her sister, and recently Elisa said something about expanding the house, and that she might need Mairi's help with that, so I'm pretty sure I know the topic of their conversation.
Because of Elisa's plans of expanding the house Mairi is even more in the study than she used to be, but I don't let her do that all the time. She has to do fun stuff as well, even if I have to force her, life isn't all about work!
I used to be like Mairi as well, but recently I decided to enjoy life more and leave my job exactly there, at the office! At home I know read the newspaper, spend time with the kids, Mairi or Maggie.
And when I have the day off, I ussually relax by taking a bubble bath, in the middle of the day!

  • I really wasn't sure of their place in my rotation, because of Camden and Collin. They are only one year apart, and I've always played them when they were both children, so it was kind of strange to play them now, but it was time for them to both have ofther friends.
  • I don't know how soon others let their teens have jobs, but 12 seems a little bit young, but if I play like it's in real life, my teens can only work when they are 16, at least that's how it is here, and that seemed like a very short period. So I let Camden get a job.
  • I already decided on a job for Camden using, Sullivan and Apple Valley's systems, and there are 2 jobs that might suit him; intellegence and graphic design. But since his mother works as an architect and his father is a lawyer, it would be more real for him to work in either places and so it became Landgraab Architects.


  1. Yes, I thought the same when I just read your update; 12 is very young for a job, but then again, he does not look like 12, rather like 17 or 18.
    Like the office pictures! You always make your rooms look so good.

    1. I think I might do it differently when I have another teen start a career, but I really wanted it be in this update :)

      Thanks a lot for te compliment! When I'm in the mood, I really like building and decorating :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Their house is amazing, glad he has a job with his friend. That makes things easier

    1. I think that's the major plus side on the job, that it's with his friend.

      I really love that house myself, and plays really nice as well :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. In my game, teens can get jobs at 14, which is roughly when kids can start working here (mostly part time, after-school jobs, obviously). 12 is young but seeing Camden is working at his mother's workplace, it doesn't seem so strange.

    I can't believe Camden is 12 though, or that Harry and Mairi are in their 50s for that matter! It'll be exciting to watch him mature as he goes through high school. Graphic design and intelligence are two very difference career tracks, so I'm curious what he'll pick.

    1. Oops, I almost forgot to ask you: where did you get that awesome wall sticker near the drafting table?

    2. I was thinking Camden might have been a little bit young when I was writing the update, but I wanted in this one, so I wasn't willing to let it out. I might do it different next time :)

      I really couldn't believe Camden was 12 either, and that Collin will be 12 next year, but I really looking forward to seeing the boys grow up :)

      The well sticker comes from Sims 2 Artists:
      There are 2 different ones, and I love using them :)

      Thanks for reading!

    3. Thanks for the link, Tanja!