Thursday, May 31, 2012

Min - June 2022

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The Min Family
Quan is 52, Chu is 51 and Benny is 17
(Anna Min is 23, Matthew Zanobi is 18, Eleanora Roque and Lars Mertens are 17, Bethany Alenis is 6, Alex Zang is 3 and Carl Zang is 2)
Narreted by Chu

Quan and I have been thinking about going on vacation for quite some time now. Recently I've gotten a bonus at work, and we bough thought the time was right, so Quan started looking for some nice deals.
Not long after Quan found a nice deal, and we were checking in at one of the best hotels in Takemizu Village.
The vacation was nice, we both needed it. Not having to think about work, being albe the spend the entire morning in bed together.
Our days were filled with pampering, excursions, ...
... and nothing but relaxation.
We had such a nice time, that we were surprised when the vacation ended. We were both sad to have to go home.
I know Benny is old enough to stay home alone, but I still checked with him every day, and I made sure Quan's sister, Ling, went by to check on him occasionally as well.
 I don't suspect him to do anything wrong, he's very capable to take of himself.
And he's not the one to invite a bunch of friends over to have a party. I'm sure Ellie came by, and maybe even spend the night. But after all they are both 17, so we can't stop them anymore.
I'm pretty sure he did some last minute cleaning before we arrived back home, but he didn't trash the house while we were away, and there were no neighbors complaining.
We really can't complain about Benny though. He's a very good student and he always works hard. He recently got his acceptance letter from SVU. We really weren't doubting that he would be in, after all he had an SA-score of64!
 He's halfway through his senior year in high school now, and he's really counting down the days untill he finally finishes! His friend, Matthew, is allready at SVU, and Benny and Lars still try to meet up with him.
I'm pretty sure Matthew's stories are making Benny even more eager to start college.
I have to admit when Anna announce her 2 pregnancies some years ago, that I had my doubts, but things turned out fine. Even Bai, who I had even more doubts about, turned out to be a great dad and boyfriend.
Anna is a great mother, and I really adore my 2 grandsons. Anna brings them to SimsVille whenever she can, so I can see them a lot.
In a few months Anna and Bai are getting married, and she always has so much to tell and ask about the upcoming wedding.
One of the things I had my doubts about with Bai was that he already had a daughter with someone else. But Bethany is a very enjoyable kid. On my days off I sometimes have the boys for the day. On the days that Bethany is with them so comes here after school.
I really like spending time with her. She's a bright and clever kid, and I sometimes wished she was my grandchild!
Next year Alex will start pre-school, and one year later Carl will follow. I can't believe that they are almost old enough to start school!

  • Both Chu and Quan rolled the want to go on vacation, so I let them. Since Benny is 17, I don't think he would have liked having to go along with his parents, so he was allowed to stay at home, he not that much of a party-animal, so he was a good boy :)
  • Just like Chu I can't believe the Alex and Carl are almost 4 years old! But I can't wait to see them as children.
  • The score Benny got to get into college is culculated by the exact same system the is used in Sullivan, you can read more about it here.
    After Apple Valley's post some time ago about getting into college, I was planning in rethinking my own system, but I didn't make much progress when Carla posted hers, and I really loved it! It's an amazing system. I'm not going to take any credit for it, so it's still called the Sullivan Aptitude Score.
  • I'm in the progress of adjusting my sidebar, so there are some links missing, but they will be back, once I get around to it.


  1. 64 is an awesome SAS! That's the same score Justin got, which is my highest so far (not that I've been using it for that long). No wonder Chu and Quan don't feel they can complain about Benny! He's a good kid. It's nice they can go on a holiday for a while and not worry about any wild parties destroying the house!

    I just noticed how much Anna resembles Chu in this update. Definitely her mother's daughter!

    1. I was really surprised when I calculated Benny's SAS, I knew he did well, but I never expected him to get such a high score!
      I don't see Benny as the one to throw parties when the parents are gone, so it seemed 'safe' for Chu and Quan to go on a well-deserved vacation.

      I think both Anna and Benny look like Chu, but I never paid any attention to it untill you mentioned it :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Anna does look quite a bit like Chu! I'm sure she and Quan love having a kid as responsible as Benny! With a score that high and as hard working as he is, I'm sure there are great things in his future :)

    1. I think they both, Anna and Benny, look like Chu, like I said I never paid any attention to it :)

      I'm sure Benny has a nice future if he keeps working like he does, but there has got to be time to have fun as well :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!