Monday, August 30, 2010

Roque 1 - Fall 2016

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The Roque Family
Gunnar is 55, Frieda is 53, Yuan is 26, Françoise is 21, Eleanora is 11 and George is 1
(Yena Zang is 58)
Narrated by Frieda

Yuan and Fran have been spending a lot of time with George. I never thought they would. I've always figures, they would go for the easy way and, since I'm at home all the time, would leave it all up to me to raise him.
But they have been really great with him. Fran is teaching him to use the potty.
 And she's encouraging his creativity.
Yuan even has taken it upon him to teach George to walk. Since George follows his dad everywhere, that is going pretty well.
And ever since Yuan and his mother gotten over their difference last summer, Yena has been comming over a lot too, so spend time witht the little one. We both are very proud grandmothers. I can't believe Yena already has 5 grandchildren, I don't think I will ever reach that day.
Even though they both spend a lot of time with George, they still don't help around in the house, it still all comes down to me. 
Well, it's not like Ellie helps around that much. The first thing she does when she gets up is play a videogame, and then she's off to school. 
And after school she's mostly at the Fun & Games with her best friend, Melina. I don't mind really, I love that she's enojoying her youngth, and I love that Fran is enjoying her little boy.
Ellie scared me the other day though; she brough home a boy, and she was flirting with him! She tried to convince me that it was all innocent, but I know flirting when I see it! Ah well, I know they grow up, but I would have thought Ellie would take her time.
Speaking of growing up, I know it's natural, but I wished I didn't walk into Fran and Yuan this much. Sometimes I even wished they would find their own place, but I like having all my kids and grandkids around me.
And yes, I really mean grandkids. Fran and Yuan invited Yena over one night for dinner to announce that they will be having another baby next summer. Yena and I were a little bit suprised. After all George was an accident, so we both though they would wait. But Yuan and Fran want their children to be close in age, and so it will be.

Sims and living on a beach-lot. The only thing they do all day long is building a sandcastle!! Occasionally they look for shells too. It's the middle of the winter though, so it annoys me!!

  • I know it took me a little bit longer, but I'm enjoying my vacation so much, doing nothing at all. And I still have a lot of projects everywhere.
  • Fran and Ellie are rather far apart in age, and I always had the feeling they were a little bit lonely growing up. I wsa happy when Ellie came home with Melina one day, and they get along pretty well. Fran had her friends too, but she never brought them home (I kind of forced it on her), so that's why I'm letting them have a second child so soon after George.
  • The business 'Roque's Place' is going quite well at the moment. Especially since I discovred the option with the simblender (thank you Carla :)) to make others selectable. Now visitors at community lots at least do where the lot was build for!
  • Hope you enjoy it, next update will be wednesday!


  1. It's really good to see Yuan and Fran are such good parents and aren't just hanging all the responsibility on Frieda. It'd be nice if they'd help out around the house but one step at a time!

    And another baby! That must have been a surprise for their parents. Did Yuan and Fran try for a baby or was it a risky woohoo?

  2. I really never expected them to be, but they do a lot of things with George autonomous.
    Fran and Ellie aren't neat at all, only 32 points, but I don't know what's stopping Yuan, he has 6 points.
    Well I actually frogot to put Fran back bc, and when I saw that I just let them go for another baby.
    I'm still thinking about introducing your system, but I really don't want to have any more children after this one.

  3. What a busy household! I kind of feel bad for Frieda cleaning up after everyone else. I wonder if she ever get's lonely. Glad to see that Yuan and Fran are great parents.

  4. Awwww, kids growing up! So hard for the parents :)

    I hate it when Sims do stuff like that in winter, too... I live by the beach in r/l, I walk on the beach in winter, but I certainly don't stop to make a sandcastle! :)