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Zang 1 - Winter 2013

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The Zang Family

Tao is 58, Yena is 54, Xun is 29, Tosca is 25 and Yuan is 22
(Robin is 22 and Fran├žoise is 19)
Xun: So I'm a married man, I still can't believe it! I felt a little bit sad that I wasn't able to give Tosca a proper honeymoon, she really deserves it. But I promissed her that, one day, we will have the honeymoon she always dreamed off!
Mom and Tosca are getting along really well. I know Tosca wasn't too keen on living with my parents, but everything is settling into place. I know she will always be dreaming of her own place, but she understands that living here is for the best.
Tosca always wanted a large family, I knew it from the start, and ever since Lewis has been born, that want has grown stronger. Mom and dad are eager to have another grandchild too. And to be honest, I can't wait to have my own baby in my arms either, so I hope I can soon tell mom and dad that they will be having another grandchild soon!
Mom recently celebrated her 55th birthday, and I love watching mom and dad together. They have been having their differences, but somehow they always managed to get through it together.
But lately mom has been having some arguements with Yuan, and I have no idea if this will ever turn out for the best. After Xiang's wedding, and mine right after that one, mom has been talking to Yuan about settling down, and being a little bit mature. Sometimes she just stands in front of the pictures in the livingroom, dreaming about a famiy for Yuan too.
She never agreed with his choice of girls, but Yuan always kept seeing them. He even invited Fran to my wedding, and mom and Fran really seemed to get along. And now she wants Yuan to settle down with her.
But Yuan still has other girlfriends on the side. I don't know if mom knows about them, and I have no idea how he does it, without them finding out about each other. He goes out and isn't home untill really early in the morning.
There was no way mom wasn't going to find out he also lost his job! It came to a huge arguement, after wich Yuan packed his bags and moved out! He moved in with Fran and her parents. I don't know if he realizes that he has been giving mom what she wanted, even though it's not the way she wanted it: Yuan and Fran together.

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