Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthdays - Fall 2016

I know this is a birthday-post, but I have nowhere else to announce these things for my playable NPC's, and since I think it's important in their lives, even though playable NPC's, I think they deserve the announcement.
Robin Sims, Yuan Zang's ex-girlfriend, has found a new love in Bruce Forman. They have been together for quite some time (3 years I think), so they desided it was time to get married. So last summer they got married.

Not long after they got married, Robin found out there were some more things going to change in their lives.
So when she started showing, Bruce was really excited, they both can't wait to hold their little one in their arms for the first time next spring.
The big day will be here a little bit sooner for Xiang and Tika, only 3 months untill they can meet their second child!
Over in Simmeria, the Terrano family is celebrating the 1st birthday of daughter Enya.
She look very pretty if I may say so myself. Too bad I don't have any pictures of Nio when he was a baby; but I do think Enya looks like her daddy, but the green skin she definatly has from her mother.

  • Enya is so cute, I wanted them to start for a second one immidiatly! But maybe it's not such a good idea to have all my sims have children very close in age. By the way, I don't think they are going to wait that long, after all Nio is a family-sim.
  • Only 3 more updates untill we can meet baby Mishoen #2!! That is of course if I don't come up with anything else first, but I really doubt that, because I want to meet that little one too.
  • Robin and Bruce have been together for some time now, like I said I think it's 3 years, and they have been engaged for about 2 years I think, so it was time to let them get married. Immidiatly after they got married Robin rolled the want for a baby, so I thought "why not", and this is the result!
  • Next update will be tomorrow!


  1. Enya is really cute! Do you remember where you got the dress she's wearing? I always find it hard to find wintery stuff for toddlers.

    Can't wait to meet all these new babies!

  2. Enya is a cutie! I love the pictures of the daddies to be cooing over the bellies. Looking forward to meeting the new babies!

  3. Carla Thank you, I like her a lot too!
    The dress is from Simsquirts. The site has been down for a couple of years, but I loved it! All kinds of things for kids and toddlers, and not just clothing. You can still find on Sims2 Graveyard though. I'm sorry but I can't remember wich one it was exactly.

    Gallowaytownship Daddies cooing over the bellies are so sweet!