Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SVU 1 - Fall 2016

Elisa de Leeuw, Jack and Lawrence Penninkmeijer are 21, Kenneth Warner is 21, and Johanna Belio is 18
(Marcus Young is 24, Anna Min is 17)
Narrated by Johanna

When I first arrived at the dorm, I felt a little bit alone. A feeling I never thought I would have at university, surrounded by all these people, but I did. All the others have been here for some time already and already feel quite at home.
They have formed couples and have their own lives to live. They don't have time to be bothered by a freshman, just arriving.
The going-to-class-if-you-want-thing is also pretty new to me. You really have to remember to go, and when you're just wainting for the bus to come, you can wait forever, something I did with my first class. I was waiting and waiting, untill someone said I had to go myself! I rushed out the door, still in my PJ's, but made it in time!
Nobody said anything about the fact that I was in class in my PJ's, and when I got back to the dorm, I saw why. Apparently, there is always someone going to class in their PJ's!
Homework is a lot different here too, but I like it much more! The professors just expect you to come to class, and they give a date when you have to hand in your termpaper. You can do everything at your own speed. Up untill now I've done the paper pretty soon, there is not much else keeping my occupied here, and this way I don't have to stress about it, and have time to do what I want when it's finished!
And what I really want is having my boyfriend over as much as possible! I've known Marcus for years now, we used to live next to him and his ex-girlfriend when I was little, and I always had a crush on him, but never made a move. But when he and his girlfriend broke up, I gave it a shot, and we are now together for 10 months!
I ask Anna to come over a lot too. I really want her to go to university next year too, and she still is thinking about it. So I ask her to see how great it all is, and I keep hoping she's comming here too.
After the first semester, everything went a little bit better. I started talking to the others, and they are pretty nice. Kenneth is as shy, but very nice guy. Once you're his friend he's very loyal.
 He started talking to me, because he likes me he says, and he just talks about anything, like his studies, and his boyfriend, Lawrence, and what he wants after university.
The other one I've been talking too, is Jack. I like Kenneth, he's a good friend, but it's different with Jack, in my mind it could be more, but we both have relationships. We get along like we've known each other for years, and I only met him here.
His girlfriend is Elisa, and she really keeps her distance, maybe because she knows I can see more in her boyfriend than just a good friend. If I were in her shoes though, I wouldn't keep my distance. Anyway she keeps her distance from everyone, not just me. I keep wondering how she and Jack ever got together.

  • So, my very first university-update! Not bad if I may say so myself! I realise that not everybody is in the picture, I hardly have one of Lawrence, or Elisa. I really need to pay more attention to these kind of things!
  • Jo really likes Jack (2 blots I think), but she also likes Marcus (3 bolts I think); so we'll see what will happen whit them all :)
  • I do realise that Kenneth doesn't have a profile, he's going to get one, I promiss, but as for now he just as a playable NPC, because he's a townie and the boyfriend of Lawrence, but he moved in, and that's why he's in the heading!
  • This was the last update for 2016, next update will be a very large birthdaypost, and if it all goes as I planned, will be up tomorrow! Untill then, happy simming!


  1. Congratulations on your first uni update!

    These sims going to classes in their pajamas... don't think I've seen anyone do that at my r/l university! :)

  2. I've heard that going to class in your PJs is not uncommon at some American universities. Not many people here live on campus, so it's not something I ever saw when I was at uni, lol!

    Your first uni update and you already have yourself a little love triangle! Intriguing!

  3. Blackcat Thank you, I was quite happy with it, even though not much happend.
    It's something we don't see in Belgium either, going to class in your PJ's :p

    Carla Well, it's not common in Belgium either, in fact I think if you go to class in your PJ's the principal will sent you home...

    That triangle is actually quite strange, from Jo's point of view anyway, she has 3 bolts with Marcus, but she has the fear to be rejected for engagement by Jack, who she only has 2 bolts with.
    Jack and Elisa don't roll wants for each other that much, so we'll see what will happen between them.