Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Second Option - May 2020

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A second option
Samantha Bradshaw is 25
(Stella Terrano is 32 and Anna Min is 20)
She's been here now for a couple of months, and so far everything seems to be going fine. She hasn't met any guys yet who she can fall in love with, and hasn't stumbled up on a murder yet.

So far it has just been her and Anna and the Book Corner, which really is going fine. She has been really busy with it seeing Anna has a kid to take care of and has school to think about, but she really doesn't mind, it keeps her busy.
Lately she has been thinking though, she can't keep betting on one horse. She did that last time, see where that has brought her! She needed a second option. Something else beside the bookstore, to keep herself busy, and as much as she liked Anna, some one else to hang out with.
Right around the corner of her hotel were 2 huge office towers, they seemed like the perfect place to look for that second option. Unfortunalty the receptionist wasn't as cooporative as she wanted him/her to be. She couldn't get in without an appointment.
She went back to her hotel to think about what she would do next. She really needed a second option, something else beside the bookstore. She needed to get an appointment. Talking to the guy at the hotelreception was her best change, and she was in luck, he had the number of the Tower!
Back in her room she started thinking about how she was going to handle this. The guy at the reception could only give her the number of the reception at the tower. She couldn't just call them and ask for the responsible of the newspaper, or could she? She decided to give it a shot, and couldn't believe her luck when she was transfered to some one called Stella Terrano, and they made an appointment.
She really couldn't believe her luck in this town! First she met Anna, and they came to an agreement to run the bookstore togehter, and now she was walking back to the office tower for her appointment with Stella Terrano, who had seemed very pleased with phonecall.
When talking to Stella it became clear, why she had been so happy; Stella it currently the only professional writer in SimsVille and surroundings, and seeing she just had her 3rd child, and is officially still on maternity leave, it's really hard to combine with her demanding job. She really needed some one to help her out at the paper.
She made it clear that this newspaper wasn't going to be the only thing she was going to do, that she had another project running at the moment as well, but Stella didn't seem to mind that too much, she was really happy with all the help she was able to get. They easily came to an agreement. She would help out Stella 3 days in the week at the newspaper, she could choose which ones herself, and she was allowed to write her own stuff.
She of course had to inform Anna about her agreement with Stella so she went over to Anna's place to talk to here. The place was really hectic, the daughter of Anna's boyfriend was over, 11-month old Alex wans't too happy in his bouncer chair, and was crying all the time, she couldn't believe Anna was able to study here, and get through college with decent grades! Anna was really happy about the arrangement with Stella, and was even thinking about knocking on Stella's door when she graduates, with her degree in literature it wouldn't be too hard to get some kind of agreement herself.
When she walkeld back to her hotel, she couldn't help but thinking that she for once made the right decision when she left Richmond. She was in a good place now, with some nice opportunities, and she has met some great people, but she missed the ones she left behind.

  • I can't play the bookstore all the time, so I had to find something else for Samantha to do when she wasn't in the store, and since she used to work as a fact checker in the journalism career before, a meeting with Stella seemed like a good second option.
  • I'm afraid I will have to demolish the office towers :( they cause my game to crash because it's too big and allows too many sims on one lot. I'm sad that I have to demolish them becasue the look good in Simmeria :(


  1. Sorry about the office tower :( I can't wait to see Samantha and Anna in action.

  2. "She hasn't met any guys yet who she can fall in love with, and hasn't stumbled up on a murder yet."

    Ha, well, so far so good! What a great job opportunity for Samantha and very lucky for Stella too, to have someone to take some of the load off her shoulders.

    But oh no, that sucks about the office towers! Maybe you could try giving the office towers an owner. Then you could keep the lot closed and you wouldn't get as many visitors. You could just teleport the people you needed onto the lot.

  3. What a terrific opportunity for Samantha! And I'm glad to see the bookshop coming together as well.

    And LOL @ the lack of boyfriends and murders. It's for the best, I'm sure! ;)

    Awww, too bad about the towers. Can't you leave them there in the background of the neighborhood? They do look pretty in your shots!

  4. I'm glad that she has all these good things coming her way, and no signs of drama or already married men making her swoon.

    I wonder how Anna ever gets anything done too! I'm glad she is though, and working hard on her college. The bookstore is looking really great.

    I agree with Laura with leaving the towers in the hood, I would gut them out (so they aren't taking up too much extra memory) and leave for decoration. Or you could set a limit on how many sims can visit the lot, OR you can change your settings when on the lot for your neighborhood view, since you play mostly inside there, you could drop it from Extra Large to Medium. I have to drop South Port's downtown to Medium, but it doesn't matter since big buildings block out anything past that anyway.