Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthdays - April 2020

It's time for Tosca's check-up again. Xun is at work, and couldn't make it this time, so Tosca asks her mother-in-law, Yena, to come along. Even though Yena already has 8 grandchildren she's still anxious for this new baby, and is really looking forward to meeting this new baby.

Both ladies are surprised when they are greeted by Xiang, Xun's twin brother. Tosca though doctor Carette would have been back by now, but is very happy to see Xiang.
The check-up is really relaxed, and after checking up on the baby and the mother, and seeing that everthing is going according to plan, the conversation takes a different turn.
Since Xun is already home from his work, and Tao is home as well, Yena and Tosca deside to end their day with a quick bite at the hospital cafetaria.

  • As every sim grandmother, Yena rolled the want for another grandchild the moment little Michael turned 1, and as a good husband Tao followed her. The couple already had 8 grandchildren; Lewis Mishoen, Ross Zang, George Roque, Mona and Nora Zang, Joshua Mishoen, Charles Roque and Michael Mishoen. I'm practically sure this one will be their last one!
  • Only 3 more month before we can meet baby Zang! As I already said I'm pretty sure this will be their last one. The house is full, and well this baby brings their total to 4, which is one more than Xun ideal family size, and 3 less than Tosca's, but let's face it, she's never going to have 7 kids!!
  • I'm really hoping for a girl here! There's an imbalance in my hood, and it would be so nice to have Ross be the big brother of 3 sisters :)


  1. I'm sending girl vibes your way lol. It's always so funny to me when sims want so many grandchildren. I guess, just as parents in real life, they figure they get all the cuteness without all the work lol

  2. Can't wait for the new baby to arrive,

  3. Yes my grandmother still often hints for my mom to have more children. Which she responds with a firm no! I think it's sweet though, grandparents just want to spread their love.

    Can't wait to see the new baby!

  4. Crossing my fingers for a girl! :)

  5. Sending girl vibes your way, lol! I love when Sims roll the want for another grandchild - so cute. I can't wait to meet this new little one. :)

  6. Here's hoping for a baby girl too! Grandma's are usually pretty pushy when it comes to having babies! Can't wait to meet the new baby.

  7. Sending girl vibes! So many grandbabies for them, and they still want more, how sweet! It's funny your imbalance is too many boys, I've never had that issue. Loving your hospital!

  8. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! And thank you so much for sending the girl vides my way, I hope it will work :)