Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids - June 2020

SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School
Principal: Marie Gerrits is 29
Teachers: Elisa de Leeuw is 25 and Magda Kievits is 20
Students: Camden Wagtmans is 10, Julian Zanobi and Collin Wagtmans are 9, David Mokara is 8, Anabel and Anthony Spits, Zenzi and Morgana Verbon, Sam Mokara and Lewis Mishoen are 7, Peter Spits, Ross Zang and Lucas Draper are 6, Enya Terrano and George Roque are 5, Mona and Nora Zang and Bethany Alenis are 4
Narrated by Marie

This last year has been a little bit more relaxed for me. I've had student teacher helping out at school. And Magda really is great.
She's very relaxed and calm around the kids, and the kids really like her. I've given her the responsibily of the younger kids, and it seems like it was the right decision.
For the older kids I still have Elisa helping me out. She started here some years ago with the idea of it only being temporarly, but she's still here, and I love her for that.
Having 2 teachers looking after 2 classes, has given me a lot more time to do the administration. I still need to follow Magda's classes, but not all the time, and with the pregnancy is doing the administration great!
Because it's the end of the schoolyear, we decided to take the kids out on a field trip to Simmeria Rock Aquarium. Yet again I was lucky to have 2 teachers standing by me, because taking 18 kids out wouldn't have been possible on my own.
Elisa took her class to the "movie room" where they were treated with a move about oceanic life. Not everybody was a interested, and some even talked during the entire movie.
They were however very interested in the large fishtanks, and couldn't get enough of looking at all the fish.
Magda had done a lot of resaerch before going to the aquarium, she even did some visits before, to prepare herself. The kids couldn't get enough of what she was telling them, and asked a lot of questions afterwards, I think there are some future oceanographers after her stories.
They were all sad that we had to go home at the end of the day. We had to walk around the aquarium several times to make sure they were all on the bus, because some were hiding so they could stay.
The last days of the schoolyear were spend on the playground. There were no classes anymore, and the weather was really great.
I had meetings with the parents, to discuss the results of their children. So while I was stuck inside Elisa and Magda played outside with the children.
Some of the enjoyed the attention they were getting from their teachers, while others prefered playing on their own.

  • I don't know how it is in other parts of the world, but in Belgium summer vacation starts the 1st of July and school starts again on the 1st of September. The last days of school are mostly filled with fun things :)
  • Magda will eventually become a teacher here, at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School. I see her as one who gets along better with smaller children.
  • I have to say it mayself, but I loved the field trip to Rock Aquariu. But I love my aquarium, so I love it when I can let my sims visit it :)


  1. I loved your field trip as well! I haven't done that yet with my kids but it's something I've had in the back of my mind. The aquarium was a good place to take them too.

    Magda seems like she'll make a great teacher! She took all that initiative to research the aquarium before the field trip and she really does seem to love the kids.

    Oh and I just noticed you have the kids standing up on a bench in your class photo! Just like a real school picture, lol.

  2. The field trip looked like lots of fun and good thing she has helpers otherwise the field trip would have been a lot worse.