Monday, August 22, 2011

Min - May 2020

The Min Family
Quan is 50, Chu is 49 and Benny is 15
(Anna Min is 20, Eleanora Roque is 15 and Alex Zang is 11 months)
Narrated by Chu

Benny has been really busy with scholarships lately. He goes running every day after school to be able to qualify for a sportscholarship.
And when the weather doesn't allow him to go running, he stays in and works out as much as he can. He still has 3 years before he's off to college, but he doesn't want to wast a moment.
Quan has gotten him a dump of a car. It was supposed to be something for them to work on together, but Quan is a disaster when it comes to technique, so when he's working on it, Benny stays as far away as possible.
It's understandle, the work goes much faster and with far less explosions and smoke when Benny works on it alone.
He does take some time off schoolwork. I chought him with a girl in the front yard the other night. I don't understand why he didn't bring her in. We've know Ellie for some years now. I have no idea what's going on between the 2 of them, but he calls her on the phone quite a lot as well.
With spring being here, Quan and I try to enjoy our garden as much as we can. It's not a large one, but it's nice and quiet and really enjoyable.
When Anna drops by with our grandson, Alex, we take them outside as well. I love that little guy so much, and I kind of hate it that we don't get to see him much more.
I know Quan feels the same way. He can't get enough of the little guy. We play with him as much as we can whenever Anna's over.
Alex was huge surprise, but when Anna told us she was expecting again, we were really stunned! We now had time to get used to the idea, and even though we're still not thrilled about it, we are looking forward to this new grandchild.
In 2 years there will be elections, and I have been playing with the idea of running for governor, but I still have my doubts. I'm sure I will have really strong opponents, and it kind of scares me off.
Quan told me I should do it, but if I didn't he would support me even so. He's the best husband I could ever have, and I love him for this.

  •  The idea of elections has been in my head for quite some time now, so I finally decided to put it through. I have no idea who will be running for governor at the moment, but Chu is a kind of a good candidate for it.
  • Benny will most definatly go to college, the guy already has 3 scholarships, and is only 1 point away from getting a 4th one.
  • I have no idea how long Benny and Ellie will last. They are officially a couple now, but he doesn't roll wants for Ellie, and she doesn't roll a lot. I'll see where they are heading once they are at college.


  1. I guess a lot of high school romances don't last, maybe Bennie and Ellie might make it though.

  2. I kind of hope that Bennie and Ellie make it, they are sweet together, but her not rolling a lot of wants isn't probably the best sign.

    I could totally see Chu running for Governor, I'm looking forward to seeing you play that out too. They are both really sweet with Alex, and I'm glad they are doing better with Anna's pregnancy.

  3. Chu would be a great governor, I'm sure! It's great that Quan is so supportive as well.

    Benny and Ellie are cute but at 15, who knows what's going to happen? They look like they're having fun in the meantime though.