Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthdays - June 2020

Catherine has been feeling kind of sick lately. Well not really sick, not throwing up or anything, but just not herself.

The feeling is the strongest in the morning, it's kind of anoying, because sometimes it feels like she can't go to work, and she has do admit to herself that she is a workaholic.
Her dad sugests going to the hospital and getting a full check up, at least then she would know what is wrong.
Walking around the hospital, she already has an idea of what might be "wrong" with her. She doesn't say anything to Dirk just yet, she doesn't want to get his hopes up. They have been talking about kids, and having some of their own, they even stopped birth control, but she never thought they would be succesfull this fast.
Dr. Xiang Mishoen does a full body check up, and asks her about everything she has been feeling lately.
After the examination, Dr. Mishoen tell them the news Catherine was already expecting.Dirk is very suprised by the news that they were succesfull this fast, but is very much looking forward to becoming a dad.
There was some news though where they both needed to recover from; Dr. Mishoen was very possitive that he heard 2 heartbeats, and not just one. So they are expecting twins.
Both Catherine and Dirk are a little bit unsure about becoming parents to 2 kids at the same time, and still need time to adjust to the idea.
Over in Simmeria, little Alex Zang is celebrating his first birthday. His parents will have their hands full when his little brother or sister arrives in a couple of months.

  • For some strange reason my sims hardly ever roll the want to have a baby when I don't move them to another house, after their marriage. So since Catherine are already in their 30's I thought it was time to take them off birth control and see what would happen, and they were succesfull as you can see, a little bit too succesfull. Anyway Catherine is due in February 2021.
  • Alex is just a cutie, and a such a great mix of both his parents, Anna and Bai. Both have brown eyes and black hair, so there's no looking where he got those from. I think the shape of his face is like his father's, but there's definatly some of his mother in the little one as well :)


  1. She got the T bomb! Man, at least she's getting 2 for the price of 1!

  2. Twins! What an introduction to parenthood that will be! Congratulations to Catherine and Dirk. :)

    And Alex is just so adorable - he just has the sweetest little face!

  3. It seems appropriate since they waited to have kids......two for one pregnancy and if they get a boy and a girl they'll be all set :). Alex is so cute, very sweet little boy

  4. Ohh I'm excited for twins! This is going to be fun, I hope they adjust well, I think they will do fine. And Alex is a cutie pie! Now just to wait and see if he gets a little brother or sister to play with.