Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthdays - May 2020

Anna Min is counting down the month untill the birth of this baby. It's hard combining 1 baby and her studies, and the preparations for opening the bookstore, and she can't think what it will be adding another baby to this mix, but at least she would feel a little bit more comfortable.

Anna's new friend, Samantha, takes her out to the park to get her mind off thing a little bit, and make sure Anna relaxes enough. But with everything going on in the bookstore, the 2 always come back to the same subject.
Stella Terrano is ready to welcome her 3rd child, and the baby is ready to come as well. Luckily Enya is at school and Sayda is spending the day with Nio's mother, so they can head to the hospital immidiatly.
Some days later Nio and Stella can take Wylco Terrano home. Nio is still amazed that he has a son, and can't get enough of the little boy.
And even though a brother isn't really what Enya wanted she's still happy to meet another sibling. She hopes her parents give her another sister too.

  • I can't wait to meet Anna's new baby. I'm counting down the simmonths myself, but first we have little Alex' birthday!! I can't wait to see that little one as a toddler :)
  • My damn game! It keeps giving me boys!! After Sayda I've gotten 5 boys and no girls! And I want a girl!!
  • I know the first picture isn't great. I wanted Anna and Samatha to walk on the bridge, but for some reason they never walked next to the other!
  • I'm aware that a lot of my profilepictures are in desperate need of updating, especially seeing I just threw out some of my hairs, and some of my sims look different. Believe me it's on my, ever so long, to-do-list :)


  1. Welcome little Wylco!

    Crossing my fingers that you'll get a girl soon!

  2. Anna is adorable with her little bump, I like the style you dress her in, very fitting for her. And aww on another little boy, what an interesting name Wylco. Hopefully Anna will give you that girl you're wanting.

  3. I like Anna and Samantha together, can't wait to see more of them.

  4. Aw, welcome little Wylco - that's an interesting name. How did you come up with it?