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Gerrits - June 2020

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The Gerrits Family
Marie is 29 and Sya is 28
(Marcus Young is 28)
Narrated by Marie

With the last month of school going on, I have found myself really looking forward to the summer holiday. The weather has been great, and I'm really enjoying is.
Sya on the other hand is wishing it would rain,so I stop nagging her about leaving the computer and coming outside with me. She already has her doctorate, but is determind to keep up with everything, and this means checking facts every day.
She doesn't spend all her time at the computer though, there are moment I can pull her away from it, and I really cherish those moments.
She also calls her parents every other day, to not miss out on anything er nephews are doing, and this that are going on at home. Her mother keeps asking her when we are going to have children, and Sya always keeps very vague about it.
We have been talking about it, and even decided to go for it. We are not getting any younger, and since I want to be pregnant, and not just adopt, we can't wait too long since some hospitals don't do IVF treatments when the woman is too old.
We have been playing with the idea of an anonymous donor, but eventually decided to first ask Sya's best friend, Marcus. I know he's not family by blood, but he sometimes feels like a brother.
He promised us to think about it, and let us know as soon as possible. I was happy he didn't say no immidiatly.
He's a great guy though, and a few days later we were all sitting in the hospital to get the treatment started.
Even thought it must have been a awkward for Dr. Carette, and Marcus, since they used to live together, I was very happy with Dr.Carette. She was just great.
We never though we would be succesfull the first time, not even the 1st 6 months. We've read about couples trying it for years, but I had been sick for a couple of mornings, and we did a test, and it was positive. I think both Sya and I still can't believe it, we haven't told anyone yet!

  • Again this couple didn't roll the want for a baby, but it was time, at least I thought it was :)
  • I had set the same chances for Marie to get pregnant as Carla did with Rose. I set it to 25%, and rolled the dice, and it rolled they were succesfull, so this is a very succesful couple!
    Marie is due for March 2021.
  • I had been thiking of letting them ask Nio to be the donor, since he's Sya's only male cousin. But she really doesn't have good relationship with him. Tika and Nio are best friends, but I don't think Sya and Nio are even friends. So Marcus was a much more logical option.

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  1. Oh, wow, how lucky for Marie and Sya that they were successful first go! It makes sense though - it's harder the older you are and Rose was 6 years older than Marie is when they started trying.

    Marcus is a good choice for a donor, I think. Relationships between the participants are more important than blood in this case. :) I can't wait to see the baby!