Monday, August 8, 2011

Young - April 2020

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The Young Family
Marcus is 28
(Harald Jaser is 28, Marie Gerrits is 29, Sya Mishoen is 28, Elisa de Leeuw is 25,  and Kenneth Warner is 24)
Narrated by Marcus

I'm working really hard to keep being fit. I even transformed the garage into my own mini-gym, so I don't always have to go down to the sports center. It's really easy this way.
I still go down to the sports center occasionally, but ever since my name has been in the papers a lot, I always get this attention from all kinds of people, some even try to tell what's the best way to score, like I don't know!
I still love my job, and that's what matters I think. Basketball has always been my favourite sports, so it's nice that it's paying the bills. I've already gotten some good offers to coach, but I'm going to try play as long as I can, I can always coach later.
I have a lot of days off at the moment, and I train as much as I can, but a man has to get out. Elisa called me the other day, and asked me to meet her.
She wanted my opinion on some of her idea's for the wedding, so I gave them. She also asked if it was possible for me to take Harald out. He still doesn't has a lot of friends, which I think is strange, and is far too busy with work.
I like Harald and I like going out, so there wasn't a problem for me. When I asked Harald, he even asked if he could bring Kenneth, well the more the merrier.
It was a fun night out, we went to the Doudle S bar, and had some drinks and talked some.
And we played some darts, but seeing we all had some beers, that might have turned out bad, luckily it didn't.
When I'm at home during the day, I can't call a lot of people to hang out, so sometimes, when I'm not training, I just go out on my own.
The movies, at SimsVille Avenue, is where I spend most of those days. Just watching a movie with other people, even if I don't know them it beats sitting at home on my own.
Some nights, when most people are done working, I invite Sya over. We still have out weekly nights out, but I want to include her wife, Marie a little bit more, even though she respects our nights together.
Since I'm the one being home the entire day, I mostly volunteer to to cook diner, but since I'm not the world's best cook, it's burned most of the time!
When I'm on my own again, I mostly get comfortable in the couch with a game, and sometimes it makes me wonder when I will finally find something so nice as Sya and Marie and Elisa and Harald have, but I'm sure it will come when it comes.


  • Marcus is actually kind of boring to play. I send him to places to meet new people, but he only has attraction with the ones that are taken. I had 2 girls in mind for him, but with one he has absolutely no chemistry and the other one he hasn't met yet, so we'll see what the future will bring him.
  • The Doulde S Bar, where Marcus takes Harald and Kenneth, it especially build for this update, I have Bar Le Coin in Simmeria, and the IT Bar in SimsVille, but I still needed another one :) I have at least 2 more planned in Simmeria :)
  • I hope I can keep up with my updates as I planned them, but this means I'll have to start playing ahead again, and since my game isn't co√∂perative, and keeps crashing without any reason, I don't think that's going to happen.  Next weekend I'm on a shopping trip with my sister, so if I don't get ahead, there won't be any updates.


  1. Look like Marcus has a pretty laid-back, nice life. It's always great when what you love doing most is what's paying the bills. I hope he meets someone soon though.

    I hope you'll be able to get ahead on your simmies. I love reading your updates. :)

    Btw where did you get the movie theatre, or did you build it?

  2. Ah, so this is what you needed the bar for! I like the look of it - looks like an Irish pub. :)

    I'm really looking forward to seeing who Marcus ends up with. You have me very curious aout these two girls you had in mind for him!

  3. Marcus seems fun, I am curious about the second mystery girl you have in mind for him.

  4. I'm also curious about this mystery girl! I hope he might have some chemistry with her.

    The bar looks great!

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!

    coolkat2 Marcus' life is pretty laid-back, but he has worked hard to get it. I hope he finds some one to share it with pretty soon.

    I have 2 update ready, so you'll have something to read when I'm gone, but I'm afraid a 3rd one isn't going to happen.
    Thanks for the compliment :)

    The movie theatre is something I build myself :)

    Carla I used a lot of Sandy's Irish pud items :) And thank you for the compliment :)

    I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little bit longer, but I can't wait to introduce her myself :) I just hope they have some chemistry :)

    Apple Valley I'm anxious to introduce her to you all, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer :)

    Shana I'm hoping the same thing. I made you all curious, it wouldn't be good if I couldn't introduce her to you all :)

    Thank you, I like it myself as well :)

  6. It's nice to see Marcus' career going well, even if his love life isn't. I always have a hard time finding matches for my sims too. They just aren't attracted to many sims and the ones they are attracted to are usually in relationships or otherwise unavailable! Oh well, at least it's fun to take them around to meet new people!

  7. Marcus is in that big house, it's too bad he doesn't have anyone to bring home to it. He's very active, you'd think at some point he'd find someone to love, in the mean time things seem to be going well for him everywhere else.

    I hope your game starts cooperating for you! It's beyond frustrating when you want to play and it isn't working out.