Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthdays - July 2020

Robin and Bruce have been trying to have another baby for some time now, and some months ago they finally got confirmation they were succesfull. Little Nathan, who will be 4 next year, will be a big brother in January 2021.

Tosca Zang already has 3 children, but really wanted another one, well she wants more than just another one, but she'll just see what the future will bring her. She goes into labor when Xun is at work. Luckily her parents-in-law are at home to bring her to the hospital.
The kids have been brought to the hospital to meet their new little sister, but bringing the baby home still is exciting. Nora can't get enough of her little sister.
She's not the only one though. Both grandparents are thrilled to have another grandchild, and Tessa Zang will be covered in their attention!

  • For those of you not knowing, Robin and Bruce are one of my playable NPC's. They both have had the want for another child for quite some time, and I finally decided to let them have one. Nathan will start school in January, when the new baby will be arriving.
  • Yay! Finally a girl!! Knowing my game I will now get nothing but girls! But I'm going to enjoy this moment for the time being!
  • Little Tessa has a darker skintone than both her parents, brother, sisters and grandparents. It didn't seem logical, so I adjusted her skintone to be lighter.


  1. Yay, new babies. I had that happen to me as wel with the skintones and no one in their family was darker/lighter so I adjusted it/ie removed my custom in-bewteen skintones.

  2. Woo, the girl vibes I was sending must have worked. ;) Welcome Tessa!

    I've had a few Sim babies with darker skin tones than both parents. The only one I can think of right now is Evan Moretti - he got it from his grandfather, who was even darker than Evan.

  3. Aww welcome to little Tessa, love the nursery it's super cute and girly. Nora looks like a sweet big sister, I bet the two will be fast friends once Tessa can start playing with her.

    I too have a skintone that is marked wrong, it's way dark, and Bekah Grimsley had a baby with it, um they are nearly the palest family I have. So I redid the delivery actually, cause I didn't know you could change newborn skintones without them being bjorked (I messed up Jake as a newborn by editing him in simpe). I never did find the skintone though.