Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ending round 8

So I have finally ended round 8! In game is was finished some time ago, I even played a little bit of round 9 already.

First off, some updates ago, someone asked me how many sims I have in SimsVille at the moment, so I did a headcount.
And here are the results:

I have 38 playable males and 40 playable females, so this is a total of 78 playables.
I also have 9 male playable NPC's and 4 female playable NPC', this is a total of 13 playable NPC's.

This brings the total to 47 males and 44 females, and a complete total of 91 sims!

For round 9, I played a little bit with the rotation. Since I wanted my school to get updates, and I wanted these updates to happen in the first year of a round, I had to move those families to a place sooner in the list. Since I had to change the place of others too, I decided to change the whole playlist. Check out the new playlist.
As I already said I'm going to post updates of the schools. I have been thinking about posting about university too, and I think I'm going to do it. It will be in 2 updates, 1 in every fall. Don't expect much of it though, there's not much going on at SVU!
You may also have noticed a new page in the bar, Student Index, feel free to check it out, this way you can all follow my little simmies too.

I said, some time ago, that I will insert ROS starting from round 9. Well, I'm definetly planning in inserting ROS, but not right now. I'm still discovering my sims, and I still love planning their lives, maybe a little bit too much!

I hope you will all enjoy round 9, I've loved playing so far.

Next update, will be up, normally, tomorow, and will be the Winter birthdays of 2016!


  1. You never know, your college kids might surprise you and start bringing the drama!

    I think it was me who asked about your population, so thanks for checking. I think yours might be higher than mine was when Sullivan was at this point. :)

  2. Carla: I'm nervous about my college-blogging, because I have to change the way I play, since I used get done with it asap, I'm still wondering how it will be.

    I think I also started out with more families then what is usual. On the other hand, I can't help myself from creating new families, just look at the Zang's and the Min/Belio/Mokara-family, this wasn't planned from the begining,but I wanted to create some more sims :)