Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthdays - Winter 2016

We start this new round with the birthdays of this season, as ussual! The fist family we visit for this post, is the Zang family.
Tosca has gone through it all once before, but it feels just as bad this time. She keeps wondering why she really wanted another child!

But when she sees the faces of her 2 girls, she knows it was all worth it! Even though they don't seem extremly happy in their bouncy chairs.
Welcome to SimsVille Mona and Nora Zang!
The day David Mokara was born is already four years ago, his parents can't believe he's already starting school this winter!
Over at the Roque house, Ellie is turning 11. She knows she wants to have to with money, and preferably earn a lot of it, but she wants a family as well.
Joining her at SimsVille High will be Benny Min, who choose the path of knowledge, and wants to step into his mothers footsteps into politics.
Jo Belio is already a step further in her life, and is starting university this year. Since she wants to be a prestidigitator one day, she thought it was best to finish her education with a degree in drama.
Also turning 18, but not going to university is Maddie Rai. She will continue to live with her mother and run the shop with her.
And last but not least, we have Gunnar Roque celebrating her 55th birthday. He always thought this day was still far away, but now he has to face reality and see his grey hair in the mirror.

  • I'm sorry about the bad photo's of Mona and Nora, and can't even tell them apart, but apparently I didn't take any better. Just like their brother they both have black hair, and brown eyes. I will, hopefully, give you better photo's of them when I play them this summer.
  • I have to say, I love how all of my sims turned out these birtdays!! I've always love Jo and now she looks even better! David is still as cute as he was as a toddler, as does maddie, she keeps being a good looking girl, Ellie and Benny are handsome teens as well, and Gunnar really hasn't changed much, except for the grey hair, and I gave him a haircut.
  • With a lillte bit of luck the next update, the Gradonni Family, will be online, but tuesday, enjoy reading!


  1. Bad photo or not, I lol'd at the picture of Mona and Nora in the baby bouncers - synchronised wailing! :) Too cute! (even if maddening for the parents... )

  2. I laughed at Mona and Nora too! They're definitely twins, aren't they?

    Can't believe Gunnar is an elder! I guess he can't quite believe it either. ;)

  3. The twins are so cute, I can't wait to see how they age up, and if they look as identical as they do right now.

    All the kids look great!

  4. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting!