Thursday, April 5, 2012

Education - October 2021

Simmeria High School
Principal: Hans Mokara is 49
Student teachers: Magda Kievits is 21 and Melissa Mertens is 20
Subject teachters: Gabriƫlle and Laura Penninkmeijer are 19
Students: Marlys Zanobi and Steven and Stephan Belio are 13, Emma Zanobi and Morgan Penninkmeijer are 15, Eleanora Roque, Benny Min and Lars Mertens are, 16 and Melina Mokara and Matthew Zanobi are 17
Narrated by Melissa
I was really excited to start my first year of stundent teaching. I was even more happy to found out I would start at Simmeria High School. As much as I love kids, I'm more comfortable around teenagers.
I got assinged to the older grades, and immidiatly had a great idea and ran it past Mr. Mokara. Since the 5 students I was teaching are almost going to college, I thought it would be nice for them to visit SVU, and see what it was all about. Mr. Mokara gave me the green light for this idea.
So in my first week of teaching I took them to SVU. Lars unfortunatly called in sick, but the other 4 really seemed to enjoy the lecture I got them in.
They did however seemed to have more fun at the faculty of science where they could do some things themselfs.
I'm majoring in education with a minor in mathetics, so I wasn't much of a help when they ware experimenting in the lab, but they really seemed to have enjoyed the visit.
It was hard getting them to focus on their work the days after. They just couldn't stop talking about the trip to SVU, and how much they were looking forward to attending their own classes.
Mr. Mokara follows almost all of the classes I teach, and at the end of the day he gives me feedback. He seems pretty pleased with my work so far. He also told me that they are going to take my idea of visiting SVU on board and do it every year to better prepare the students for what they are heading for.
As much as I love standing in front of the class, I'm glad I don't have to teach all of the classes. Simmeria High has subject teachers for music and art class.
I was never any good at playing an instrument, and to be honnest not all of the students are, I'm just really glad I don't have to hear them play their instruments, wether they know how to play the instruments or not.
Magda teaches the lower grades this year. She's really a good teachter, but I can tell she loves teaching smaller children much more.
But despite that, she always makes time to talk to her stundents when they need a talk. I can really learn a lot from her, and I hope she will be helping me next year.
The students always like their free period, when they can go to the library and work a little bit on their homework, or do some research on any subject they want.
Sometime to  do get distracted by the other students, and we do try to keep an eye on them.
But it's not possible all the time, and some of them always find a way to sneak away.
At recess it's always nice to see the 2 classes mix and have fun together.
Sometimes the students hold chess tournaments, and they can last for days before they have a winner.
Not all of them are 'good' all the time. It's always risky when you see 2 of them standing close to each other, whispering and keeping one eye on the teacher.
Sometimes I even think it would be wise if we searched the students for soapboxes before allowing them to enter the school. At least once a month some one finds it funny to empy a soapbox in the fountain.
I do love recess and watching the students hang out together. Watch young romance bloom.
And simply think about my time in high school, and how much fun it was.

  • Carla from Sullivan recently did something similar in her high school update. I have to say I took these picture last weekend before I even knew about Carla's update!
  • I have to admit my original plan was to take Lars on the trip to SVU as well, but I completely forgot to teleport him, and only thought about it when I already closed the game and I didn't feel like doing it all over again, so Lars called in sick that day.
  • Still no wants from Melina or Matthew for one another, but Benny and Ellie also aren't rolling any wants for the other one. I'm going to stick with my plan, and see how things will go when they are all in college.
  • This was Magda's last update as a studentteacher. I know she wasn't included a lot in this update, but next time we'll see her at my elementary school, where she will be a teacher starting next year. I'm in desperate need of some teachers, especially once the children born in this round's babyboom will start school!


  1. I love the update and how they visited the campus, very nice.

    1. I'm glad you liked it, even though it didn't turn out the way I wanted.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. So, this is really school? Playable school? Something you have achieved by using hacks etc., or are these just buildings you use as a backdrop to the ongoing stories in your neighbourhood, where you put these Sims to take the photos?

    1. Simmeria High School is a community lot, with some hack from Simlogical (, Carla at Sullivansims, made page on how she runs her school ( and I basically took that as a guideline for mine.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. That's great that Melissa was able to take the kids to the university and get them so excited about their future educations. Hopefully they all do well, once they actually get there!

    LOL at the fountain prank! I'm really surprised that I don't think I've ever seen that in any of my school play sessions. You'd think such a huge fountain would be too tempting to resist.

    1. I felt so silly when I realised I forgot to take Lars on the trip, because I was really happy with the pictures I took :)

      I have to admit, Steven and Stephan didn't do this on their own. I was inspired by an appartmentbuilding I once had where every adult kept putting soap in the fountain. I thought it was odd the teens in school never did this, since I saw it more like something a teen would do instead of an adult, so I had them do this :)

      Thanks for reading!

  4. The university trip was fun, hopefully your couples start rolling some wants, but if they don't, college is a great time for them to meet new people. I can understand why you'd move Magda down to grade school with all these little babies being born!

    1. I'm glad you liked the trip to university, I might do it a some more in the future.
      I really do hope my couples start rolling wants for the other one, but then again neither of my sims roll a lot of these wants. We'll see what will happen in college.

      SimsVille Up Hille Elementary school is in desperate need of a teacher, but soon Simmeria High school will be as well, I hope to have some more teacher by then.

      Thanks for reading!