Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mishoen Residence - 4 Farewell Lane

For the N99 Forum Project this month we are doing some kind of "house hunting". Apparently it's a tv-show, but I don't know it, though I think we have something similar here in Belgium.
Anyway, for the projct some one posts a small bio of a family and what they are looking for, while others post tours of houses that might suit that family.

Since I've posted some tours and downloadlinks over there, I might as well post them here too, for everyone to enjoy them.

So today I'm giving you:

The Mishoen Residence
4 Farewell Lane - SimsVille
The Mishoen Residence used to much smaller, when it was just Nuan and March living there with their 2 daughters, Tika and Sya. In the mean time Sya has moved out and started her own family in Simmeria with wife, Marie. They recently had a son, Felix.
The house was expanded some years ago by the current residents to suit their needs better.
Marc and Nuan are still living their, and so is their oldest daughter, Tika. Tika's husband, Xiang, and their 3 sons, Lewis, Joshua and Michael, were addded to the family is well.
The house is located across the street from the cemetery, hence the streetname; Farewell Lane, which I know is a little bit morbid, but I'm terrible with name, especially streetnames.

Downstairs is a large entryhall, a small bathroom, a spacious livingroom with a reading nook, a nice kitchen with room for the entire family to eat, and a study.
Upstaird there's another spacious hall. The boys each have their own bedroom, all the same size and shape, another bathroom, and a badroom for Tika and husband Xiang, and another one for Marc and Nuan.
The entryhall
Lewis' room
 Johua's room
Michael's room
Tika and Xiangs's room
Nuan and Marc's room
And a very large garden.


  1. It looks awesome, Tanja - I just saw you put it up at N99 and downloaded it right away. :) Also, I like the name Farewell Lane. It's a little bit morbid but it's kind of sweet at the same time.

    1. I'm glad you like it, I like playing the house very much!

      I'm terrible when it comes to streetnames, Farewell Lane was the first one that popped to my mind and I didn't find another one since.

      Thanks for reading!