Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Round 12 ROS

I've started out with 3 ROS' each round. I've done it like this that past 2 rounds, and since I'm liking it so much I'm going to add 2 this round. So as of round 12 I'll be having 5 ROS' each round.

Before telling you my ROS, I have to admit I originally rolled a death ROS. Since I only started with ROS 2 rounds ago and I've had a dead one every round since then, I decided to give myself a pass this time.

* Weekly night out with the gang - this one will be fun, I'm sure :)

* You knew you were never the type to live and die in the same place. Maybe your family goes with you, and maybe they don't - not my plan for this sim, but not something I didn't want for he/she.

* Shotgun wedding: pick sim with the highest LT relationship, and marry them on the spot - you might not have seen this one comming ;)

* Laid off! Ugh, that blows! Good luck in finding a new job (quit job and look for a new job) - this one might actually be for the best :)

* Ooops, preggy! You just got knocked up with the next Sim you woohoo. If you  are male, you knocked up the next Sim you woohoo. If she is a townie, she must  become playable to have your love-child - I think this sim would have gotten pregnant this round anyway, but now I can blame it on ROS :)


  1. Wow, you've got some high drama going on this round! A shotgun wedding and someone leaving SimsVille...can't wait to see what's happening to whom. ;)

    1. I can safely say that you will be surprised in both cases :)

      Thanks for reading!