Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birthdays - November 2021

Harriët Ooms is in her 3rd trimester now, but still feels fit. Even though she's counting untill she can hold her new baby, she's also happy that he or she isn't born yet, it gives her to opportunity to get to know her brother better.

When thein their parents are getting to know each other better, Anthony and Bailey are trying to do the same. They both will be starting pre-school next year, and it would be nice the have a friend there.
When Tosca's watter breaks, Xun rushes her to the hospital in Simmeria.
Dr. Lamberts is already waiting for them to arrive, and Xun immidiatly briefs her.
Tosca is rushed to her room, and it doesn't take long before she goes into labor. Even though Xun has gone through it all 3 times before, he still feels a little bit lost.
Soon Tosca is able to hold her new baby boy in her arms, and all the pain is forgotten.
Xun is really happy to be able to greet little Marcus as well, and he's even more happy to finally have another boy, after 3 girls.
The next day it's time for Ross, Mona and Nora to meet their new brother. Xun takes them down to Simmeria while his parents watch Tessa.
Mona and Nora immidiatly rush to the infant-room, where they can see them babybrother for the first time. Mona was still secretly hoping their dad was wrong and that they had a sister instead, but when she sees the baby, she knows it's a boy, and she loses interest pretty fast.
However she's happy to see her mother again, and assures her that she'll do better next time, meaning next time it will be a girl. All three of them can't wait to have their mom home again.
Tosca was counting down the days to go home as well, and put little Marcus in his new crib.

I loved this picture of the 2 girls here. Mona really isn't too impressed by her new babybrother.

  • I only just realised that both Anthony and Bailey will start school next round! I can't believe how fast Antony is growing up, and when saying that, his sisters, Morgana and Zenzi, will be 9 next round, I can't wait to see them as teens.
  • Just to be clear: Tosca and Xun won't have any more children!! Despite what their children might think/want, they are done! Tosca's ideal family size is 7, so she needs only 2 more to reach it, but Xun's 2, so he has 3 more than is ideal size. Anyway I think 5 is more than enough, and their house just fits them all :)
  • I know I wanted a girl for the Zangs, but I'm quite happy with Marcus. I should have known anyway; my game hardly ever gives me what I want :)


  1. Don't you just love to play those large households - never a minute of boredom with so many children around!

    1. There sure is always something going on in large families! And althouhg I love them I sometime could do without them :)

      Tessa wasn't planned at all, but I came to accept it, and even adjusted their house so all 4 of the children could have their own room, but than came Marcus, and all my planning was for nothing :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. LOL! I was going to ask you about that "next time". ;) I didn't realise Xun only wanted two kids - he's really gone above and beyond for his wife, I think!

    I can't wait to see Bailey and Anthony as children. :)

    1. There will be no "next time"! I know Tosca might want some more, but no way she'll be having more!

      Well Tessa and Marcus were accidents, and the 2nd pregnancy resulted in twins, so Xun could only accept that he would have more than 2 children :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Five kids is a lot!! And yah, Xun definitely went above and beyond what he wanted in this instance. The kids are all really cute, love their expressions looking in on their baby brother. How sweet on baby Marcus, curious what he will look like in a year!

    1. Five kids is a lot, but I'm sure it's fun as well, especially when they all start developing their own personalities.
      Actually nor Xun, not Tosca have decided on 5 kids, Tessa and Marcus were both accidents :)

      You're right it will be interesting to see who Marcus will look like; Tessa looks like Nora, while Ross and Mona look a lot a like.

      Thanks for reading!