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Zang - December 2021

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The Zang Family
Tao is 67, Yena is 63, Xun is 38, Tosca is 34, Ross is 7, Mona and Nora are 5, Tessa is 1 and Marcus is 1 month
(Xiang Mishoen is 38, Tika Mishoen is 37, Yuan Zang is 31, Fran├žoise Roque is 26, Lewis Mishoen is 8, George Roque 6, Charles Roque and 5 and Joshua Mishoen is 4)
Narrated by Xun

Marcus is such a joy to have in the house, that I'm practically sure that Tosca is already thinking about a 6th one.
But as much as I love my children, all 5 of them, I feel like we're done.
I love spending time with Tosca, and I'm counting down the days when those moments aren't stolen moments when the kids are in bed.
We've talked about it several times, and I was a little bit surprised Tosca felt the same way, that 5 really is enough. We even agreed that we would make sure that there would be no more accidents.
I know both mom and dad would love another grandchild, and mom has talked to Tosca about it several times, but I gues they'll have to settle with the 10 they have at the moment, because I don't see either of us 3 having any more children.
The kids have adjusted well to the latest addition to the family. Even though Mona wasn't too happy it was a boy, she seems quite content with him at the moment.
They don't even make a fuss when Tessa joins them at their crafting table and makes a mess of their towers, and we all love seeing them play together.
Now that the kids are growing up, it's nice to see their characters develop. None of our kids are very outgoing, but Ross likes being on his own.
Which doesn't mean that he doesn't like having his friends over. His cousin, Lewis, who lives next door, is one the his favourite playmates. And during this Christmas holiday, and seeing Tosca is still on maternity leave, Lewis has spend a lot of time over at our place.
Mona and Nora prefer to be just on their own. They have friends at school and sometimes they do bring them home, but they prefer being just on their own. Mom keeps telling me Xiang and I were like that when we were little as well, so I'm sure they'll turn out great!
Tessa is really a joyfull toddler, her favourite thing to do play, and she laughs all the time.
She's such a sweetheart, and I'm sure she has every one wrapped around her little finger.
She does have a temper though, and when she's not happy she screams untill some one looks after her, which anybody is alway ready to do.
Since Tosca is still at home on maternity leave, she's stuck at home with 5 kids. She does get a lot of help from mom, but I can imagine it being pretty hard. To take some of the pressure off her, I take the kids out on the days I'm off work. Since most of the time they want to take friends, those outings usually look like school outings.
From November untill February the Ice Park is open, and the kids practically beg me to go there when ever I take them out.
You can see it's good for the kids to be out of the house as well. With Tessa and Marcus at home, and needing attention, Tosca sometime has trouble spending some time with the older kids as well, so they are stuck in the house, entertaining themselfs.
 On days that both my brothers are off from work as well, we try to meet at a park with a playground.
I always like catching up with Xiang and even with Yuan things are starting to go fine. Seeing there's an agedifference of 7 years, things haven't always gone great between Yuan, and Xiang and me.
Mom thinks it's important for the kids to have a good relationship with their cousins, but it's hard having all of them come over, so she pushes us to meet up with them as well.
All the kids always seem to really love those outings as much as the adults do. They love spending time together, and the love the attention they get from us as well.
The weeks before Christmas have been pretty busy at the shop. It seems like every one wants to buy electrical appliances.
And of course I'm not going to stop them. If anything I'm encouraging them to buy even more than they originally planned.
With every one wanting to give their loved ones something special, dad and I have been busy crafting robots as well. I didn't think these things would be this popular when dad opened the shop years ago.
On top of it all mom really wanted to have the entire family together at Christmas. Nobody has a house big enough for out entire family to fit, so she hired a room at the Starry Nights Function Hall, to have Christmas party.
She even made sure there was something to do for the kids, even though bringing the little ones wasn't possible.
Although some of the kids don't need things to entertain them, they just bring their own pillows and start a pillowfight!
We ended up spending the entire afternoon at the function hall, and every one had an amazing time. The food was great and the company even better.
Mom and dad were more than thrilled to see most of their grandchildren and being able to spend time with them.
Dad even had the chance the sit down and talk with all 3 of his sons together, and you could just see how much he enjoyed that.
It's been too long since we've all been together.

Apparently dad doesn't make such great toys! They break after only minutes!

It's not just the kids who love to be pushed on the swings. Xiang seems to like it as well, and Xun seems to have fun pushing his twin brother - they did this automomously!

I still love this action, and I would love for my sims to do this more often!

I know not every one of the family made an appearance, but they were all there, you have to believe me! Yuan and girlfriend Fran├žoise were even able to squeeze in a romantic moment in all the chaos.

  • I know this update is longer than my usual updates. I had 49 pictures after selecting, including the extra's, and I was able to cut is down some more when I was writing. It's not that so much happend, it's just that I wanted to tell everything I have planned :)
  • Anyway, there really isn't a house big enough for the entire family, so I had to do something else for them to be able to celebrate Christmas together, and I really wanted them to, so hiring a room at Carla's amazing Starry Nights Function Hall. I decorated the room for Christmas and since there would be 7 kids, I aslo added something for them to do.
  • I didn't include Michael, Tessa and  Marcus in the party, since I didn't want my game to crash, which of course it did, but I also thought it would have been a little bit too hard to add them as well, it was already busy enough as it was!
  • Yena and Tao now have 10 grandchildren, Lewis (8), Ross (7), George (6), Mona (5), Nora (5), Joshua (4), Michael (3), Tessa (1) and Marcus, and yet they both rolled the want for another grandchild! I don't see it happen though; both Fran and Yuan reached their IFS (2 and 1), so I don't see them trying for another one, it's the same with Tika and Xiang (IFS of both is 2) so again I don't see them try for another one. Tosca hasn't reached hers yet, but I made sure Xun couldn't have any more children, 5 is more than enough for this household!
  • With this update I finally finish round 11! I don't know why but rounds always seem to last longer when I'm almost finished with them :) Anyway, summary and ROS will go up tomorrow and the day after. In the mean time I will adjust the play schedule and student index and hopefully have another banner ready! And than we're ready for round 12!


  1. That was a wonderful update; I do so love Sims' family lives, and enjoy playing households with children. Great idea to have them Christmas at a function room, as such a large family would do in real life if they had enough money. I like how you furnish and decorate their rooms, too.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment, both of them :) Households with children are always entertaining, but recently I've found some ways to make the emptynesters a little bit more fun as well.

      I figured a real family would have Christmas in a function hall when it's this big, and I really wanted to use that function hall as well :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. That must be a relief for Tosca and Xun, to agree that they're done. It also might be a little bit sad, knowing that each milestone with Marcus is the last one they'll ever experience with their own kids.

    Oh my goodness, that picture of all the kids heading into the park really does look like a class trip! Lucky all the kids seem quite well-behaved!

    Aw, Xun's shop makes me want an electronics store in my hood! I'll have to do one of those one day.

    I'm so glad you're getting use out of Starry Nights too. I've still only used it twice in my hood but have seen it used a few more times in other people's! Nice idea to do Christmas there - let someone else clean up, lol!

    The end of my rounds always seem to drag as well! I'm so keen to move on to the next round that it's like time slows down!

    1. It's a relief to me as well, I don't think I would have been able to handle another oopsie-baby :) It's sad to think of things with Marcus like that, but I think it's something Tosca would be doing.

      I had them invite some friends to come along, and I couldn't help but thinking it was almost the entire elementary school, lol!

      The thing with Tao and Xun's shop is that electronics are quite expensive, so they earn some good money with it :)

      I really wanted to use the Starry Nights Function Hall, and this seemed like a perfect occasion :)

      I'm glad to have this round over, it's like you say I'm so keen to get the round over that it seems to slow down at the end!

      Thanks for reading!