Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wagtmans - January 2021

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The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 52, Mairi is 51, Camden is 11 and Collin is 10
(Harald de Leeuw is 29 and Elisa de Leeuw is 26)
Narrated by Mairi

The kids had 2 weeks off from school this Christmas, and both Harry and I were able to take some days off from work as well to spend with our children. We tried to do as much fun things as possible, thought there isn't much to do when everything is covered in snow, so the skating rink was one of the most visited options.
Harry isn't much of an outdoor-type, so I ussually stick it out a little bit longer than he does.
After some tours in the rink he goes inside to get warm and get some coffee.
I have to admit that I don't stay out much longer than he does, and ussually join him inside to get a coffee myself only 15 minutes after him.
Even though the kids aren't that good in skating, they loved those trips. And were more than happy to stay out on their own instead of joining Harry and me inside.
Those trips most of the time ended with us all going down to Pete's Pizza and more in Simmeria, a newle opened restaurant. The kids love going out to dinner, and always have a good time when we do.
Both Harry and I couldn't take the entire holiday off, so one of us always had to make sure we were able to work from home. Camden and Collin are already 11 and 10 years old, but I still don't feel good about leaving them alone, so I still ended up spending the holiday at home, with some occasional trips to work.
Harry had a harder time getting to work from home. Meeting with clients isn't easy to do form home when your kids running in and out. The days he did was able to work at home, he was ussually joining in the study by Camden. Camden will start high school next year, and wants to be well prepared.
He spend his entire holiday studying and doing some extra tasks, because he fears he will be behind when he start high school. I'm sure he will do great, but there's no convincing him of that at the moment.
Collin on the other hand isn't too eager to learn at the moment. He's kind of bumped that his brother is spending all this time studying and is focussing on Maggie at the moment. And Maggie of course doesn't mind all the extra attention.
I did wish he'd focus more on his studies and skills and such, and put away his toy-rackets, but he keeps telling me he's going to enjoy his childhood as long as it lasts.
Maybe he's right about that. I've been focussing a lot on my work this last couple of years, and it's only recenly that I've started to take out some time to enjoy my children.
Last year, we were all invited to my sister Elisa's wedding. And it made me realise that I really do miss being close to her. There's a pretty big age difference between us, and I never lived at home when she was born, but she's still my sister. So I try to invite her over a little bit more.
It's nothing fancy or anything, and since nor Harry or I are great cooks, but just order Chinese and talk about all sorts of things. It's just nice to see her more.

  • I'm putting the new skating rink lot I've build into good use :) It would have been more logical to send the Wagtmans family to the skating rink in Simmeria since they live there, but I'm currently doing some changes to that one, and it doesn't look good at the moment, so they went to the rink in SimsVille instead.
  • Camden and Collin are probably the most prepared children to start high school! They both have a bunch of skills, Camden even more than Collin. I made them study before I played by their wants, but Camden keeps rolling wants, so I'm pretty sure he'll do good. Collin on the other hands, doesn't roll as many wants to study, if any that is.
  • I wanted Mairi and Elisa to have a better relationship. They will never be best friends, but just friends will be fine :) I'm kind of getting tired of my sims not knowing each other once they moved out of the parental home.


  1. Wow, the boys are really taking high school seriously and yet in such different ways. Love the skating rink lot, beautiful.

  2. Sounds like the boys will have the academics down for high school! Great photos of the ice rink. They always make me wish I lived in a city with an outdoor rink. Im glad that mairi and elisa are reconnecting. Family reunions are a great way to boost relationships plus you get a cool little memory token too.

  3. Your skating rink looks amazing! I love the fencing you're using around it and the choice of trees - looks lovely!

    I can't believe Camden and Collin are so close to starting high school! Maybe Camden's studiousness will rub off on Collin and he'll start to study a bit more too. ;)

  4. Apple Valley Camden will be a teen next year, and Collin the year after. I'm pretty sure Camden is going to be knowledge sim.
    Thank you for the compliment on the lot.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'm pretty sure Camden will be a knowledge sim when he's a teen, and I'm sure he will want to go to college, so he's already studying for it :) Collin I'm not sure about yet :)
    I like it that Elisa and Mairi are reconnecting, they are sister after all :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla Thanks for the compliment on the lot!

    I can't believe they are getting this old either! But I'm looking forward to seeing them in high school :)

    Thanks for reading!