Friday, December 23, 2011

Rai - February 2021

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The Rai Family
Ella is 58 and Madeleine is 23
(Berend Lillig is 61, Frieda Roque is 58 and Cole Brems is 30)
Narrated by Madeleine
Some time ago mom said she was ready to go out and start dating again. To be honest though, I haven't seen much of it just yet. Most of her days are spend working, wich of course is normal, but on her time of she's constantly bussy with the shop.
There is some improvement though. She goes out more often, and meets up with her good friend Frieda quite a lot.
I'm sure they always have fun, and they always have lots to talk about. But going out to eat, and just sticking with your friend, doesn't guarantee that she will meet a new guy.
Frieda sometimes drags mom to some kind of club as well, to have drinks,
and dance, and just have some fun, and mom ussually has fun. I'd just wish she'd meet some one she can be happy with.
I don't want to force her into a relationship, and I don't want her to do anything she doesn't want to. It's just that I'm so happy with Cole, and I want mom to have the same.
 With work, and the shop and everything else, it's pretty hard to meet Cole and do some things together, but we ussually manage to go out at least once a week.
My life has become pretty full lately. I'm not complaining, I still need to find a good balance between everything. I usually meet with Cole, and keep in contact with my friends over the phone. I miss seeing them, but it's the only way at the moment, since we all have so little time.
Keeping contact with dad over the phone is more difficult. Everytime he and Larissa are in Simmeria, he insists on meeting me.
I like spending time with dad, but lately I only have time for a quick coffee in the park. I know he'd wish I had more time to spend with him, but he understands them I'm bussy.
I work evenings/nights, so I have time during the day to go by the shop, and open it. I like working there, but I love to be able to go to an actual job, and meet with my collegues.

  • I know this update is kind of lousy, but to be honest, so were their wants! Ella doesn't roll any fun want, and wants to crafts pots all the time. Maddy's only 'fun' want is to get married to Cole, but I think it's a little bit too soon for that, and she like crafting pots all day long as well.
  • The shop really is doing fine, even when Maddy is running it, and she's really no good in any of the things, selling, restocking or handling the cash register, but she manages.
  • I finally gotten around to taking new pictures for my profiles. Ella and Maddy are the first ones to get new pictures, and I like them :)
  • I've also given Cole a 'real' family. The boy now has a mother; Magdalena, and a twin-brother; David. I will need to update the playable NPC section as well, but I'll stick to the profiles for now :)
  • Oh, I know I'm early, but I I don't want to be too late; but Merry Christmas to every one!


  1. Oh, that's so cool that you've given Cole a real family! I can't wait to get a look at them. :)

    It's very sweet that Madeleine wants her mum to be as happy as she is with Cole. Maybe Ella will meet a man when she's least expecting it or maybe she's happier being single than her daughter might think.

  2. I'm glas you like it :) I'm going to end up with a lot of playable NPCs like this, but it doesn't seem real to me for all of them to have no family at all :)
    I will be updating my playable NPC page soon, I hope :)

    I think every one in loves wants their loved ones to feel the same they do, and Madeleine is no exeption. Ella isn't as enthousiastic as her daughter is though ;)

    Thanks for reading!