Monday, December 26, 2011

Birthday - March 2021

Tosca Zang is really enjoying having another baby in the house. She really missed it when the twins, Mona and Nora, started school. But now with little Tessa she can enjoy it once again.

Lately she hasn't been feeling so well, especially in the mornings. She can already guess what's going on, after all she's been through it all 3 times before.
This new baby certainly wasn't planned, and Xun still has problem grasping the fact that they will be having a 5th child in November, but Tosca is really excited about the idea.
In Simmeria Sya and Marie Gerrits are arriving at the hospital. Marie's already having contractions, so it's time for their baby to arrive.
Unfortunatly the baby isn't quite ready to come yet, and Marie needs to find things to keep her busy in between contractions.
When the time finally is there, Sya, despite being a doctor, is a little bit lost in what she can do to help her wife, and is pretty happy to see Ingrid enter the room.
After some time Marie is finally able to hold her new born son, Felix.
Sya's also very excited to meet their son.
The most exciting is bringing little Felix home.
Both parents are really enjoying parenthood, and little Felix.
Doctor Ingrid Carette and Claus Lambert's little boy, Oscar, is already turning 1 this month. He has his dad's bronw hair, but his mother's dark blue eyes.

Claus playing with Oscar. I so love this action!

  • So Tosca and Xun are having another baby, and it's surely wasn't planned! I just redid their house, to give every child (all 4 of them) their own room upstairs, Tosca and Xun also have a bedroom upstairs, and his parents have one downstairs. But now with the new baby the twins will have to keep sharing their room so the new baby will have its own room.
    Tosca got pregnant thanks to birth control failure, the night she gave birth to Tessa. Some of you might remember that I tweeted about the fact that this time I didn't forget to put the parent's back on birth control (unlike Anna Min), but that my game once again decided against me ....
  • Anyway Tosca is due in November 2021, and I'm really hoping for another girl! It would still be nice to have Ross be a big brother to all sisters :) Also Tosca and Xun are the only ones giving Tao and Yena granddautghers, the other one all gave them grandsons, Lewis, Joshua and Michael Mishoen and George and Charles Roque ...
  • The ones of you following me on twitter, might remember I tweeted that I was dancing around the room because I was pretty happy with my game ... It's now safe to say that I was so happy Marie had a boy, and that he was the reason I was dancing around the room, silly I know, but still :)
    Felix has bronw hair, wich really surprised me, Marcus Young, his biological dad has black hair, and if I remember correctly nobody in his family has bronw hair, and Marie has red hair. She's a townie so I guess anything could have happend. I'm really happy with the color of his hair though, and I also love he has a skintone that is a mix of both his biological parents.
  • And I just LOVE little Oscar, he's so cute!


  1. I had to read this right away, to find out what Marie and Sya had, lol! I'm glad you got the boy you were hoping for. I bet he'll be a cutie. Funny about the brown hair though!

    And yay, surprise baby for Tosca and Xun! Are you hoping for another boy, to balance out the family a bit?

  2. Wow I can't believe they are having another one! Crazy how the game works out sometimes. I agree that another girl would be sweet, and yah there are a lot of boys in the extended family.

    How exciting for Marie and Sya! Can't wait to see what he kooks like as he ages, and Oscar is really cute!

  3. Carla I know the feeling of wanting to read an update right away :) I find myself in the same position sometimes :)

    I really wasn't expecting a boy, I even did the nursery for a girl :) But I'm really happy with Felix! I love that he has brown hair, even if it's strange :)

    A boy for Tosca and Xun would be nice, though I'm hoping for a girl, so Ross would be a big brother to 4 girls. And Tao and Xun already have 5 grandsons, and only 3 ganddautghers ...

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I couldn't believe it myself when I heard the chimes! But as always I'm excited about this baby :)
    I wanted at least 2 of the boys of the extended family to be girls :)

    As much as I'm always looking forward to new babies, I'm even more excited to see them grow up and look who he looks like :)

    Thanks for reading!