Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On a Rollercoaster - January 2021

Last update: Exciting!

On a Rollercoaster
Samantha Bradshaw is 25
(Anna Min is 22, Niels Bleek is 21, Tina Mishoen and Belinda Stevens are 20)
Lately she has been feeling pretty good. Everything in her life is going great, her job as a journalist, her friendship with Anna, the bookstore. Even things with Niels are still going fine! She still feels he's nice company and loves spending time with him.

They go out quite a lot, to fancy places, but also to less fancy places. And that's what's so fun with Niels, he likes doing all sorts of things, and going to all sorts of places.
They always end up back at her hotelroom and the Green Flamingo. Where they flirt ...
and kiss ...
and sometimes Niels even stayes the night.
She could have known things were going too good for her. Somehow things in her life always take a turn for the worst when things are finally going good. Anna came by one day to talk to her, it was odd seeing Anna is too busy with everything else in her life, to come by just to talk.
Anna started talknig about Niels, and that she didn't had a good feeling about the guy. They used to be dormmates, and back then he had a girlfriend, and was already seeing others. Anna was pretty sure he hadn't broken up with his girlfriend. She didn't want to hear anything about it, and got angry with Anna, so Anna left.
That was the last she'd seen from Anna, and she hadn't been to the store since the fight. Thinking about it now she still doesn't know why she gotten so mad with Anna. Especially seeing she's been having doubts about Niels herself.
One day when she went to campus to work on an article, she saw Niels with a black haired woman. 
On another day, when she was talking a walk in the park, she saw hima again. This time with another woman, and very pregnant woman! She didn't think too much about it at the time. But now, after everything Anna said, it all looks a little bit different.
And yet again, she doesn't know what to do...

  • Again not much gameplay here, with the same reason as before, not so much interesting wants from Samantha. She does want to get engaged to Niels, he has no want in that direction what so ever, so I don't see that happening any time soon!
  • Niels and all his girls in one update, I don't think that ever happened before. I don't think these kind of things can stay a secret too long, it's not like Niels is hiding them, he's just not telling everything to every one.
  • Anna is actually the only one who's close to Samantha, despite Niels of course, so she seemed like the only reasonable person to talk to Samantha. She also knows Niels from before, they used to live in the dorms together, so she's seen his behaviour before.
  • There are only 2 more updates on Samantha, and then there is the one where she leaves SimsVille of course, so not so much time to start any new storylines here. I hope you all like it though!


  1. Geez Niels is a real piece of work. I'm glad she saw him out with all these different woman, and is giving it some real thought. I hope she reconsiders going back to the bookstore and making nice with Anna again. She's the only good one that she is friends with here.

  2. Awww, it had to come out in time though - nobody can keep all that creeping around a secret forever. It's unfortunate she and Anna had a fight over it though. Remember, Samantha, chicks before dicks! lol!

  3. I hope Samantha and Anna can get over this fight, especially since Samantha sees that Niels isn't a one woman man, but then again, that wasn't what she was looking for. It's odd that she wants to get engaged, wonder what that means.

  4. I'm glad Samantha has seen Niels's true colours and I am hoping for a confrontation, now that she knows! Niels has kind of had it coming for a while now. :\

    Poor Anna though - Samantha probably owes her an apology. Anna was just trying to look out for her friend.

  5. Hi Tanja, just started following your blog here and it looks great.

    I can understand how Samantha feels when things seem to be going so great something bad comes rearing it ugly head.

    Hopefully Samantha and Anna's relationship can patch up again.

    Niels, oh boy. I wonder what his explanation will be if Samantha confronts him with what she saw.

    Great update!

  6. Maisie Niels sure is, but I like playing him :) I do hope Samantha and Anna make up, they have to see each other eventually since Samantha still works in the bookstore.

    Thanks for reading!

    Laura I think the fight with Anna really opened Samantha's eyes. She saw Niels with his other girls before, and started thinking about it, but after the fight with Anna she really started to think about it all.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I really hope they can too, I like them being friends. Niels really is good in talking himself out of things, so I wonder how things will go between them.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm glad she finally saw the real Niels too, but I don't know if it's going to change much, Niels is really a smooth talker .... He really had this coming though.
    Anna is such a nice perons, I hope Samantha sees it, and knows she was only trying to help.

    Thanks for reading!

    Nicky Thank you so much for following, and welcome! :) I'm glad you like it so far!

    Samantha was just so happy things in her life were finally looking good, it's hard to accept that she once again made a mistake.

    Niels is great in talking, I'm pretty sure he'll find a way to talk himself out of it all.

    Thanks for reading!