Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jaser - de Leeuw Wedding

Blue Stone Marina Complex - Simmeria
Harald Jaser is 28 and Elisa de Leeuw is 25
Narrated by Elisa
Since mom and Berend don't have a house anymore here, they had to stay with is before the wedding. I didn't want Harald to have to stay in a hotel the night before the wedding, so we desided to step away from tradition, and just spend the night together.
We had some drinks with mom and Berend, and actually went to bed way too late, especially since we had a wedding the next day.
The morning of the wedding, we got up but that was the last time I saw Harald before exchaning our vows.
I had some work getting myself ready, so it was a good thing I didn't have to worry about getting Harald ready.
I kept chekcing myself, and changing things last minute. Mom had to come in to my room every 5 minutes to give advice. I was so happy to have her with me that day.
Finally is was time to head down to the marina complex and stand in front of our friends and family and become husband and wife.
After exchanging our vows...
... we were ready to meet our family and friends as Mr. and Mrs. de Leeuw.
Later that night, after all of the pictures were taken, we headed down to the restaurant of the marina complex, where there was a buffet ready for all the guests to enjoy.
It was nice to see everybody together, every one talking to one another.
The meal was sealed with a really nice chocolate cake.
A party is always a nice way to catch up with friends you haven't talked to in a while...
... or family you were never that close with, and this wedding wasn't an exeption for us. We tried talking to everybody.
The next day we were ready to head to Twikii Island, and enjoy some days of peace and quiet, just the 2 of us.
Unfortunatly the weather wasn't to great when we arrived, but we immidiatly booked an excusion, and still had a great time.
And well, newlyweds always find a way to keep themselfs busy.
Thankfully the weather cleared out, and we were able to enjoy the beach at our hotel.
Harald kept looking for places in the shadow, but I really wanted to get tanned.
When I got sunburned, I wished I would have done the same as Harald.
Every night was a kind of a celebration, and we went out for dinner every night.
The morning we had to check out, we stayed in bed as long as we could.
It was with pain in our hearts we left Twikii Island.

I really don't know how I got this one looking like it does, but I like it a lot, and I might have to find a place on their wall some where :)
This is the first picture I took of Elisa in her weddingdress with her bouquet, just to test if it all worked good together, and I just love her!

And here are the posed pictures!
Elisa and Harald
Again Elisa and Harald
And again Elisa and Harald, I can't deside wich one I like the most :)
Elisa and Harald, with Elisa's mother, Larissa and boyfriend, Berend.
Elisa and her sister, Mairi Wagtmans, there is a pretty large age difference between the 2 of them. Mairi was already in college when Elisa was born. They're not very close, but this picture just couldn't be left out.
The bridal party! Elisa's 2 best friends, Fran├žoise Roque and Madeleine Rai as bridesmaides and Harald's best friends, Marcus Young, and Kenneth Warner as the groomsmen.

  • I had a really hard time deciding on a venue for this wedding, and didn't decide it untill the almost very last minute, but I really love how it turned out. Some time ago I redid the Blue Stone Marina Complex, and added even more blue to it, and since blue is Elisa's favorite color, it seemed like good place for them to get married.
  • Twikii Island is still Twikii Island in my game, I really want to change the name, but I haven't come  up with one I like yet :)
    I'm currently working on redoing most of the vacation lots Maxis has put in. The hotel Harald and Elisa stayed in the most expensive on the island, but I didn't like the look of it so I redid it :)
  • I can hardly believe it myself, but Harald and Elisa came back from their honeymoon without Elisa being knocked up!! I know she's on birth control, but that's no guarantee with my sims. I think I'll take her off next time I play them, but I'm not sure yet, I have plenty of new sims coming up :)
  • I'm able to play my game, but I'm pretty sure there is still something wrong with it.I still have crashes when I change from my main hood to my downtown, but not always, and not as frequently as before, so I will continue playing, since I've missed it too much!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful wedding. I love the beachy feel of it and I'm surprised that there wasn't a honeymoon baby as well.

  2. Oh wow, this was so stunning! Elisa and Harald had a gorgeous wedding. The venue is absolutely amazing. On the inside, it actually looks quite similar to a wedding I attended at a marina, so that was kind of cool.

    Elisa and her bridesmaids looked absolutely lovely. Where did you get those bridesmaid dresses? I've never seen patterned versions or that mesh with wedges (I have that mesh with ballet flats in my game). See, I think I annoy you with WCIFs just as often as you ask me, considering you don't update as frequently as I do. It all
    evens out, lol!

    The posed pictures are all wonderful - I think I like the one of them on the sand the best. Is that at the marina complex or on their honeymoon?

  3. Thanks for reading guys!

    Apple Valley Thank you, I like the look of it as well.
    With the way my sims were acting lately, it was a huge surprise for me as well :)

    Carla Thank you Carla! I love the venue even more now that I redid it :)

    The bridesmaids dresses are from donation pack no 19:
    I can't remember if they come as casual or formal, since recently adapted some clothing with the wardrobe wrangler :)
    I don't mind WCIFs, I hardly ever get them, so I'm always glad to be able to help some one.

    All posed pictures were taken at the pier at the marina :)

  4. What a beautiful wedding! I love weddings by the water, it makes for such lovely backgrounds. And I am in love with Elisa's dress! It's what I would wear if I ever get married. And wow, no honeymoon baby? Very surprising lol. I like that edited picture too, the effect looks very nice :)