Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthdays - January 2021

Tina Mishoen really doesn't have a difficult pregnancy, though she doesn't like the fact that she can only fit her training pants, and feels like a balloon.

The thing she hates the most though, is Niels' attitude. He refuses to come to her place, and always wants to meet in a public place or at his dorm.
He talks about a lot, but never asks anything about the baby, and whenever Tina talks about their unborn child, he really doesn't seem interested.
He still is interested in her though, and doesn't pass on an opportunity to show it to her.
Most of the time she just undergoes it, and tries to be happy with what the has, though she would have loved to see it differently.
Robin and Bruce Forman's relationship is quite different from Tina and Niels'. They have experienced this second pregnancy together, as they did with their first. And Robin is really happy to have Bruce around to bring her to the hospital when the time is there.
This little one isn't too eager to come though, and they have to wait several hours, while having slight contractions, before baby number 2 announces its arrival.
Even though Bruce has seen it all before, he's still frightened by the sight of his wife giving birth.
Soon everything is forgotten, when Robin and Bruce can welcome their daughter, Jill Forman.
Even big brother, Nahtan, is happy to be a big brother, even though a little borther would have been better in his opinion.
After several months of bedrest, Catherine is rushed to the hospital as well. Her duedate was February, though her gynecologist had warned her there was a chance the babies would come earlier.
Dirk is a bit lost in all the choas, and is very relieved to see Dr Carette come in.
Their twindaughters, Elisabeth and Margaret, will have to stay in the hospital for some weeks, but are perfectly healthy.
On to the birthdays of this month. SimsVille Up Hill Elementary will have 4 new students this year, though none of the ones attenting at the moment will be leaving this year. First we have Joshua Mishoen.
Joshua is joined by Charles Roque...
... Emily Spits ...
... and Nathan Forman, who recently became a big brother.
Anna Min is graduating this year, and is looking forward to running a bookstore. She would love for her boyfriend to propose to her, and even another baby isn't out of the question.
Also gradutating this year is Jason Savage, Jason graduates in mathematics and hopes to find a job in natural science.
Another one graduating this year is Mario Burrie, he is graduating in biology, and despite his degree Mario hopes to start a career as a professional basketbal player. Mario and Jason are renting an appartment together in Simmeria.
The last one graduating this year is Eddy Sels. Eddy now has a degree in psychology, and hopes to use it well and hopes to work in counceling phychology. He lives with his girlfriend, Magda Kievits in downtown Simmeria.

  • Well my game can be so predictable. As I thought it gave me 3 girls. I'm still hoping Marie and Sya get a boy, and I can't picture Tina with a girls either, though I'm not getting my hopes up. All 3 girls have black hair, wich is kind of normal when you look at their parents.
  • As said Catherine was due in February, but twins get born too soon most of the time, so I had her give birth this month, to make it look more real.
  • I just transformed my hospital to a residential lot, and I had lots of fun with the pictures here. It's pretty nice to do it this way. there still is a lot of work to the hospital, but the rooms I use most are done, so there's no rush :)
  •  Four nes students this year in my elementary school, and none in my high school. I've already looked at next year, and again 3 new students for my elementary school, and only one for my high school, and 2 new students at uni. I think Elisa de Leeuw will be a teacher for a littel bit longer.
  • I like my 4 new kids. Joshua looks a lot like Lewis, and I always liked him. I'm wonder how Michael will be when he turns 4. Charles looks a lot like George, who looks most like his mom, at least in my opion :) Emily is more her mother than her brother, Peter is. Peter looks more like his dad. I wouldn't have mind to see Emily with red hair like her mother. Nathan is cute but I can't point out who he looks like the most :)
  • I'm aware that my profiles aren't updated yet, I do plan to do it soon, but I need to find the time to do so.


  1. Love the new hospital and birthing scenes, really nice. Congratulations on all the graduates, wow!

  2. Joshua is adorable! And wow you were right about the girls. My game doesn't generally pan out that way. I'm excited to see them age up. I'd really like Niels to step it up a little. Really like Annas new look.

  3. Aww, three baby girls! And isn't having a residential hospital awesome, lol? I love that shot of Dr. Carette running in!

    Joshua is too, too cute - I adore him! He looks as adorable as Lewis, easily.

    Anna looks great - and suitably bookish, for someone running a book store. ;) But then, everyone looks great, really!

  4. Apple Valley I like doing births like this, and went a little bit overboard with the pictures, glad you liked it!

    Tanks for reading!

    Maisie Joshua is a cutie isn't he?
    My game is never as planned as this, with all the girls. But mostly after I get a bunch of boys, I ussually get a bunch of girls :)

    I'm kind of a affraid Niels isn't going to step up soon, he hasn't rolled any wants for the baby or Tina what so ever!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla A residential hospital is great! I can't believe I didn't switch sooner :)
    Ingrid Carette running is all gameplay, she did that all on her own :)

    Lewis always was my favorite, and he still is, but Joshua is a close second :)

    I like Anna as well, I couldn't let her stay the way she was, even though I liked it, I took me a while to decide on this look.

    Thanks for reading!