Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthdays - December 2020

Even though it's not that easy for Marie to walk somewhere, she still is detemined to enjoy this winter as much as she can, since she loves snow.

They live right across the street from the Marina Complex, and she and Sya go there almost everyday. She loves walking around and seeing nature covered in snowblanket.
If it wasn't so cold, she could just sit there for hours, enjoying the company and the scenery.

  • I love the view of the Marina covered in snow! I love basically every weather on every lot! I have to admit thought that I sometimes get cold when I here the wind when it's snowing in game, lol.
  • I'm excited to see this baby, as I'm to see every baby, and all those planned births are getting closer! In January we'll meet the firts baby of the babyboom!
  • Knowing my game I think I will get mostly girls this time. Last births were almost always boys, so It think now it will be girls. This time though I would love for Marie and Sya  to get a boy. I know I'm difficult :)


  1. Even before you said anything, I was going to comment on how beautiful the marina looked with the snow! Seriously gorgeous - I'd go there every day too!

    So excited about this baby - not long now for Marie and Sya.

  2. The marina is gorgeous in the snow! I'm excited for these babies. Hopefully you get a nice mix.

  3. Carla It looks great with the snown doesn't it?! :) Just looking are it makes me happy :)

    Only 3 more months for the baby to arrive!! Can't wait myself :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I just love looking at it :)

    I'm hoping for a nice mix as well, and not all girls, or all boys, but knowing my game, it will be all boys, but you never know :)

    Thanks for reading!