Sunday, November 20, 2011

Exciting! - October 2020

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Grand opening of The Bookcorner
Samantha Bradshaw is 25
Dear Helen,

How are thing over there in Richmond? How's little Lizzie? I know I haven't written you in like ... ever, but I do miss you, and sometimes wish for you to be here as well.
I've found a great friend here in SimsVille on my first day. Her name is Anna, and even though she's only 21 years old, she has 2 kids already, she's in university and is opening a bookstore at the same time.
I met her on my first day here, and have been helping her with the perparations of the grand opening. I like books, and I've had some practice when I was working the shop in Richmond.
The grand opening of Anna's Bookcorner was last week, and a lot of people showed up. You could just see how Anna's boyfriend was of her with what she had achived, when still being in university.
A lot of people showed up at the opening. I'm working as a writer for the local newspaper as well, and told my boss, Stella Terrano, about the opening, she decided to check it out for herself, and I could see she was really impressed with all the work we had done. As were Anna's parents, Chu and Quan Min.
Anna's stephdaugher was the perfect guinea pig to check out the children's section, and judging by the fact that she was reading the entire time, we both think it was a succes.
Anna had a great time trying to get people to buy the books instead of just looking around, and even though we didn't sell a lot that day, we did sell some books.
Anna's cousin and best friend, Jo Belio, couldn't stop talking about how great everything looked and how much work it must have been, and Anna kept saying she couldn't have done all of this without me.
Even though we had a lot of people coming to the opening, there were only 2 who kind of bugged me. Anna's brother, Benny and his girlfriend, Ellie, kept acting like the couches were there for them only! It's not that I mind, but that really wasn't the point of having a grand opening.
I really was in no position to say anything about it though. Niels, the boy I like, showed up, and we snuck away behind some bookcases.

I hope to hear from you soon.


  • I know it's not really an "update", but I wanted to include the opening of the bookstore somewhere, since this was Anna and Samantha's project. And since Samantha will be returning to Richmond one day, I thought it would be nice to include Helen here :)
  • Most sims on the opening were friends and family of Anna. And of course the local newspaper had to be included :) I think there were only 2 or 3 sims in the store who weren't "invited".


  1. The bookstore looks great and I couldn't help but giggle at Samantha in the corner with Neils.

  2. I loved the opening! It was a fun way to combine a lot tour with a little bit of a mini-story. The bookstore looks wonderful. Seriously, you are an amazing decorator. You make me want to build a bookstore!

    I had to laugh at Samantha sneaking a kiss from Niels behind the bookshelves too!

  3. Oh, I love how you made this a letter! Feels kind of strange seeing my hood mentioned in someone else's story... but really cool!

    I was laughing at the sneaked kiss, too :)

  4. Oh I love that she wrote back to Helen! The bookstore looks amazing and I love every bit of it! Funny that Samantha was sneaking some kisses herself. Shefan still be annoyed by Benny though, he wasn't being discreet.

  5. Apple Valley Thank you :) I thought it was funny as well :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla Thank you so much for the compliment! I don't think it looks too bad myself, though there are always things I want to change :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Blackcat I wanted to do something different, and since she's going back to Richmond some day, I thought the letter was a nice idea :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie Thank you! There are always things I want to look different, but I'm pretty happy with how the bookstore turned out :)

    At least Samantha and Niels were discrete in their romancing :)

    Thanks for reading!