Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mishoen - November 2020

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 67, Nuan is 62, Xiang is 37, Tika is 36, Lewis is 7, Joshua is 3 and Michael is 2
(Mairi Wagtmans is 50, Marie Gerrits is 29 and Sya Gerrits is 28)
Narrated by Xiang
At the beginning of this year we bought the peace of land next to our house to be able to expand the house. To do so we've made an appointment with Mairi Wagtmans to discus what we want.
She came up with some great plans, all according to our wishes. It all looked great, but I was still concerned about what is was going to cost.
Mairi was really great about it all, wich of course is her job, and assured us it would cost something, but the price wasn't over the roof.
So after some months of living on a construction site, which isn't easy with 3 kids walking around the house, we finally had a dustfree house. All the kids now have their own bedroom, and both Marc and Nuan's, and mine and Tika's bedroom were expanded, and even moved.
Despite living on a construction site for almost 6 months, everything else has been going according to plan. Most of us go out of the house to work, but Nuan stays home and looks after the kids.
I'm really impressed by everything she does. She sometimes doesn't have breakfast untill it's almost time for lunch. She keeps assuring us she doesn't mind, and loves taking care of the kids.
 She's really looking forward to becomming a grandmother once again. And she already told Marie and Sya that she doesn't mind looking after their children as well.
I can tell Marie has some problems with that, but Nuan keeps telling them that she doesn't mind, and that Marie should look through the clouds and see it as a nice sollution.
Both Tika and I try to spend as much time with our children as we can. When we're home we mostly do everything, this way Nuan gets some time to herself.
I know Tika really wanted a girl, but  she wouldn't trade our boys for anything, and we really aren't considering having a 4th child. 3 is more than enough for us.
They are pretty great, and always fun to be with. I like the fact that Lewis is getting more independant. I know I will miss the day he came to us with everything, it's nice to see him grow up.
There are still small things he needs our help with. Or it might just be that he doesn't like doing his homework, and he likes it that Tika sometimes just tels him the answers. Both Tika and I are counting down the days untill Joshua and Michael start school as well, we hardly have any time to ourselfs.

Lewis as a toddler.

Joshua as a toddler, this was his last update as a toddler.
And Michael as a toddler, also his last round as a toddler.
I will need to find a place on the walls for these 3 pictures :)

  • The Mishoens were one of my started families, and their house hasn't changed since they moved here, so I thought is was time to rebuild it a little bit. I didn't want them to move to another house, but their house was too small to do any large changes, so I used lotadjuster to enlarge the lot, and build an addition to the house.
  • The Mishoen boys are such cute toddlers. I'm sad they aren't going to have anymore children, but they already have more than their Ideal Family Size, (both Tika and Xiang's is set to 2), because I really wanted them to have girl, and they are both pretty neat, so they are on birth control. You never know what will happen, but I'm not getting my hopes up. 


  1. The new house looks awesome! I was going to ask if you used Lot Adjuster. I've still been too scared to try that out!

    Even though you wanted Tika and Xiang to have a girl, you can't be too disappointed when the boys they had were so adorable! There's going to be some handsome men walking around SimsVille in 10-15 years time!

    I'm so excited for Marie and Sya's baby!

  2. Carla I think I use Lot Adjuster a little bit too much. But I like it. Like I said I didn't want the to move to a completely new lot, and rebuild the same house, so I could do a rebuild to make it look like the house they are living in now, (if that sentence makes any sence ...). Anyway, it's a pretty easy tool to use as well, and so far I haven't expirienced any problems with it :)

    I'm not disappointed about Xiang and Tika's kids at all! Their 3 boys are some of the most adorable children in SimsVille :) But just imagine how a girl of them would have looked :) Anyway, I'm glad I made them have 3 children, but that's enough for them :)

    Just a little bit untill Marie and Sya's baby! I want to meet him/her as well, sooner rather than later :)

  3. Carla Forgot to say it, but thanks for reading!

  4. Wow, the house looks great! They really needed more space, that is a great way to do it. Love the cute toddler pictures at the end, too - especially Michael with the toy in his mouth :)

  5. Love that they just added to the house. I abuse lot adjuster too, and it turned out nice for Tika to get lots of extra land! Love their boys, super cure. Can't believe they are not going to have toddlers soon. Sorta sad about that.

  6. Blackcat They really were in desperate need of some space, especially seeing the boys are growing up so fast.
    Lewis was, and probably still is, my absolute favorite, but his brothers come really close!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I liked the house, and didn't want to move them out. I just love lotadjuster for making it able to do it like this!

    I can't believe Joshua and Michael will both be kids next round! I'm pretty sad about that too. I'm kind of hoping for an oopsy-baby, but on the other hand I like their little family the way it is :)

    Thanks for reading!